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Discover the secrets of Chef Sam Gowing’s world famous spa cuisine and nutritional wisdom. Test her favourite recipes for yourself here.

"The woman is a culinary genius – and so knowledgeable about food. The dishes she creates not only taste amazing, but they all serve a particular purpose for your body. Someone I love, admire and have so much respect for."
Jess Ainscough
“I had the good fortune of stumbling across Sam Gowing back in 2002. Since then, whenever I’m run down, flat out, over-roasted, or in need to some professional “energy support”, she is the one I call. She always sets me back on the path to good health, and manages to do so in a way that makes food sexy, and exercise delightful. She has a big heart, and this makes her the real deal. I love her way.”
Clare Bowditch
"Samantha Gowing showed me a few things I didn’t know for which I am most grateful. She’s a great teacher, fun to work with and she gets results. Thanks Samantha!”
Ita Buttrose
“Sam Gowing is Australia’s spa cuisine guru. She is a font of wisdom when it comes to tasty, healthy eating!”
Matt Preston
“With the increasing demand for beautifully prepared, healthy food and the escalating global health issues, Vue de monde enjoys a nurturing nutritional alliance with Samantha Gowing. This combined with thirty years experience in hospitality and the corporate arena makes her a true champion of balanced living!”
Shannon Bennett
"Samantha Gowing is a culinary pioneer for the spa and wellness industry. She offers the complete wellness solution for luxury hotels and spa’s, bringing together her global experience as a chef, a keen business acumen and her training in natural medicine. Her energy and passion is evident whether she is on stage, mentoring one to one or designing a creative gastronomic menu. Sam is definitely Australia’s leading spa chef!"
Sonja Sorich
Spa Wellness Consulting
"Starting up a new business can make your world spin off its axis. Fortunately for me, Sam's come along and brought some sanity in my business life. She is there on the other side of the receiver answering my questions with workable solutions. invaluable input when you need it most."
Cinzia Cozzolino
"What I love most is that she was able to talk to me in my own language. She took all her knowledge of systems, marketing funnels, premium clients, pricing, blogging, newsletters and the most current software knowledge of the time and translated it into Keri. She gave me the practical skills that I SO desperately needed but also a warm loving kick up the base chakra to believe in myself and have fun whilst I kicked my goals.”
Keri Kreiger
"Sam Gowing is a wonderful blend of straight talking Aussie (must be her pub background!), well-travelled chef and wellness loving yogi. Just my kind of lady! Just what I need in a business mentor."
Judy Plath
Nourish Cafe
"Sam Gowing is the fairy god mother of the food, health, and wellness industry. Not only does she embody wisdom and have stellar experience, she also knows exactly how to help raise you (and your business) from servant to your trade to the belle of the ball! All of this and more packaged into a gorgeous, caring and gracious soul."
Carrie Thomson-Casey
Three Apples Organics

Gowings-pg-1-squareWhat We Do

Our wellness business solutions offer powerful business strategies to help food & health professionals bake success.

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The Healing Feeling

The Healing Feeling

Recipes & remedies from Australia’s leading spa chef Samantha Gowing celebrating her passion for food as medicine. Read review

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Keri-Krieger-Archer-food-health-wealthStart Up Smart

If you’re a startup business, health practitioner like Keri above, chef or author, our proven mentoring can help you.

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Cooking Classes

We’ve been teaching Food as Medicine in our popular cooking school for more than fifteen years so it’s no wonder that our individually tailored private classes and big city Masterclasses are sought after worldwide. Exclusive private tuition by appointment in your home or ours are available from $195 pp. Corporate Cook-Offs are our speciality. Watch Healthtalks TV

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Resort & Spa Consulting

The unique Surf Spa Food program is lovingly developed by Samantha Gowing to service the niche in the global marketplace for a spa cuisine specialist to service the booming arena of luxury lifestyle retreats, health spas and beach resorts. Benefits to industry include intensive one-on-one training, ready-to-go spa food menus, management systems and kitchen templates.

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Conference & Events

Food Health Wealth provides compelling executive seminars and team building activities for conferences and keynote address for international spa associations, nutrition and wellness events. Samantha Gowing is an inspirational speaker with so much valuable knowledge through her experience as a talented and versatile entrepreneur.

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What Deepak taught me

When Deepak Chopra reckons that “You are a stardust being with self-awareness”, you listen and rise up to his...

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What we do

“One of the best mentors in Australia”S.G_May_Low Res 1 – Jo Clark, Naturopath, Melbourne

  • Strategically stage your business for success and implement with clarity and confidence
  • Identify hidden profits and improve productivity and profit margins in your business
  • Avoid the critical errors that most people make in their first year of business
  • Create compelling web content and boost your business marketing system
  • Create magnetic client attraction campaigns & get noticed in the media
  • Support the change management process as you implement new initiatives

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Masterclasses happen every few months in capital cities around Australia

We’ve been teaching Food as Medicine in our popular cooking school for more than twelve years so it’s no wonder that our individually tailored private classes and public Masterclasses are sought after worldwide.Exclusive private classes are available Australia wide. Prices start from $195 per person for a minimum of six people in our Byron Bay location, more for interstate events. Corporate classes and Festival events are our specialty. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.

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We create and develop powerful marketing campaigns for wellness businesses. We help people get online to create compelling content and data management systems to ensure client engagement and conversion to sales. Our wellness product range and insightful market trend analysis helps companies ascertain where to strategically align their brand.

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Book Sam to speak to your group, big or small, local or global.

Audiences are as diverse as senior executives, school groups, fundraising lunches, corporate teams, spa associations, travel conventions, community workshops, and keynote address for conferences worldwide.


  • The Future of Food
  • Clean Eating
  • The Naked Truth about Raw Food
  • Whole Happiness™ – the Power of Gratitude
  • Women’s Health & the Need to Thrive
  • Social Media, Online Marketing for the Wellness Professional
  • The Food, the Whole Food & Nothing but the Food
  • The Influence of Australian Women in Hospitality
  • How to Build a Successful Wellness Business

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