The Happy Mondays: Exciting news about Whole Happiness™

I am bursting at the seams with joy because in the weeks to come I will be sharing with you developing news about the next phase of our Whole Happiness project. I can’t tell you much just yet, but what I can share is our intention for the incentive that you may not be aware of.

So here goes…



Whole Happiness™ is a powerful initiative driven by a conscious awareness that happiness is a multi faceted state of being. We created WH™ after observing a deeper desire by guests, clients and patients for something greater than spa and wellness. The pursuit of happiness is fundamental to our consciousness deserves a holistic and all-encompassing approach to happiness. Abundance, wellness, wealth, joy and the spiritual pursuit of inner peace are key emotional and physical drivers contributing to the Whole Happiness™ state.


Above and beyond, it is our innate human desire to express an attitude of gratitude.

Incentives include our globally renowned Surf Spa Food teaching programs; fascinating food as medicine presentations and multimedia projects including The Healing Feeling that deliver the Whole Happiness™ menu to the ever-expanding wellness industry and sustainable corporate sector worldwide.

So stay tuned to my blog because I promise you will be the FIRST to know how Whole Happiness™  will benefit you and your wellness seeking loved ones. 

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With gratitude,

Sam xx

PS if you can’t wait, howabout grabbing some winter wellness goodness here

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