Le Cordon Bleu Master, Chef Samantha Gowing

Have you got The Healing Feeling?

Australia’s leading spa chef Samantha Gowing has worked for the past 17 years with people all over the world on improving their health and wellbeing. Read The Age review

Samantha’s first book The Healing Feeling represents her life work and passion for spreading the health and wellness word in a way that’s fun and accessible. Across 143 beautifully designed colour pages Samantha shares not only her health-giving recipes and remedies but also her engaging personal stories and extensive knowledge of nutrition and Chinese medicine. All done with her trademark great humour and word play.

The book is dedicated to her beloved father, renowned Melbourne identity Dennis Gowing whose battle with cancer in the early nineties was Samantha’s catalyst to turn her attention to learning the ancient wisdom of food as medicine.




Launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, Bali in 2013, ‘The Healing Feeling’ is packed with information and inspiration to eat and live well every day. Full colour photography brings visual splendour to recipes such as beetroot, pomegranate and rosewater salad or sardine fillets with minted quinoa, currant and pinenut salad. You’ll find natural remedies you can easily whip up in your own kitchen to cleanse your liver, calm your nerves and restore your gut with the good bugs. If eating well, losing weight, gaining energy and better health are on your wishlist then The Healing Feeling is for you.

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Celebrate Well

To celebrate the third anniversary of The Healing Feeling, this limited edition eBook has launched. This delicious body of work is a tasty bunch of recipes that would reflect the amazing journey since self publishing my first book,  The Healing Feeling on the 12th of December 2012. The recipes I have selected here are purely a reflection of what I cook at home for myself and friends. They are intended to be shared with your friends over festive times, and I have included a selection of my tried and true tonics to help you heal from acute ailments throughout the year. 

fig and beetroot salad
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