Sam Shares About Mindset

My favourite part of the coaching process is watching the “A Ha” face light up! It is often preceded by a squeamish look of discomfort, hand rolling and the occasional head scratch in an attempt to mask the doubt, fear and confusion.

Then the illumination kicks in.

Have you ever had a moment like this?

What I discovered recently is that many practices are run on hope and history. Often having no systems in place to increase the number of patients or to improve the number of enquiries into the practice. Just relying on word of mouth, an occasional practitioner referral and a ‘trusted’ directory ad.

More rusty than trusty I dared to suggest!

By implementing the 5 Simple Steps to Grow a clients’ business, the process of systemising their practice allows for its growth by increasing fees to reflect their experience as the principal practitioner and business owner. By increasing the average transaction value or average fee, they are then able to forecast what the next 90 days will look like and therefore project turnover.


Within weeks of this action plan one of our clients put on two additional practitioners and created a tiered fee structure. This will not just maintain turnover in the clinic while the principal practitioner takes an extensive leave of absence, but will exponentially grow the business so it can become fully operational, systemised practice.

The most exciting thing to watch was how many of our clients move from a “practitioner mindset” toward the mindset of an entrepreneur by looking at the idea of What is Possible.


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