Red quinoa with goji berries, macadamias and vanilla

This recipe first appeared on Sarah Wilson’ blog Tuesday Eats: a sugar-free breakfast idea! February 22, 2011 ‘What i eat’ How’s this. I post about how tough it is to eat breakfast when you’re on this sugar-free challenge. And hello! I’m emailed this rippa recipe. Randomly. I met Samantha Gowing randomly a year or so […]

Steamed snapper with macadamia pesto

Here’s an extra healthy steamed fish dish that is quick and simple to prepare. Make a double batch of the pesto and enjoy with fresh vegetables or whisked with more oil and use as a dressing. You can also use snapper fillets or other white fish. The pesto is great with grilled chicken too.  Sammy’s […]

Crispy potato peels with carrot top macadamia pesto & Black Betty Bam

With the current challenges we face such as rising food costs and food security, the war on waste has never been more urgent. Times have changed from the days when feasting and the quest for exotic ingredients were highly sought after. These days people are becoming increasingly concerned with how our food is grown, where […]

Rolled, roasted pork belly stuffed with macadamias and sage

It’s been a huge time back on the tools, and work-life has come full circle from teaching cooking at Icon, upstairs at The Kitchens, Robina Town Centre QLD, to a one-night-only return to the pass at the old Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat – now called Sommerley’s Ocean retreat, in Casuarina NSW – 10 years since […]

About Macadamias

Macadamia nuts are native to Australia, the macadamia tree is an Indigenous Australian rainforest tree which grows along the eastern coast of New South Wales and Queensland. Approximately 60 million years ago the first macadamia tree evolved in the north east coast. From Port Macquarie to the Atherton Tablelands in the north, half the crop […]

King snapper with macadamia pesto

Above: King snapper with macadamia pesto and greens was part of a masterclass feast that also included Hasselback pumpkin with ginger seaweed salad, Watercress, nashi, Deb Allard’s feta, Australian Bay Lobster with tarragon butter, figs and lime. King Snapper is also known as red emperor, emperor red snapper, emperor snapper, government bream, queenfish or red […]

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