Le Cordon Bleu Master, Chef Samantha Gowing

Sharing the spirit of good food

Gowings Food Health Wealth is a global wellness solutions company founded by Le Cordon Bleu Master, Chef and Clinical Nutritionist Samantha Gowing in 1999. Based in the stunning beachside town of Byron Bay Samantha teaches participants to embrace all things healthy in her hands-on Food as Medicine workshops and executive Surf Spa Food events. She creates her signature culinary programs for luxury hotels, spas and health retreats worldwide. Sam’s dynamic, disruptive mentoring programs help food and health entrepreneurs by utilising her proven marketing methods of Wellness Business Solutions.

Master Gastronomic Tourism – Le Cordon Bleu 2015
Diploma Health Science, Nutrition – Endeavour College 2003

Australian Traditional Medicine Society – Since 2002
Food Health Wealth – founded 1999


“My vision is to radiate global awareness through my mentoring, coaching and culinary programs so as to empower others by cultivating their effective motivational mindset so they may enjoy the power of positive energy as a vital healing force to reunite family, restore community and renew planetary health.”

Samantha Gowing put food as medicine on the map in Australia by using her unique blend of nutrition,
fine dining andbusiness expertise. Sam has worked for nearly 20 years with people all over the world on improving their health and wellbeing as Australia’s leading spa chef and an award-winning clinical nutritionist.  She is renowned for her nutritional wisdom – and for being a powerful influencer among healthy lifestyle audiences. Her
Byron Bay Cooking School and global wellness company Gowings Food Health Wealth creates culinary programs for luxury hotels, spas and health retreats worldwide. FHW offers dynamic wellness business solutions that help food and health entrepreneurs create successful and sustainable businesses and has paved the way for the new genre of wellness enthusiasts since 1999.

Sam is a former hotelier and chef hat-winning restaurateur who loved life at the helm of legendary Gowings Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood before turning her heart and mind to food as medicine to become a clinical nutritionist, executive chef, keynote speaker and wellness authority. She holds a Diploma of Health Science, Nutrition (1999-2003); and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Sam has certified with Chinese medicine master, Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods (2010) and is a Master of Gastronomic Tourism, Le Cordon Bleu (2012-2015).

Her first book The Healing Feeling, represents her  passion for spreading the health and wellness word in a way that’s fun and accessible. Across 143 beautifully designed colour pages Samantha shares not only her health-giving recipes and remedies but also her engaging personal stories and extensive knowledge of nutrition and Chinese medicine. All done with her trademark great humour and word play. 

Today, Gowing continues to create contemporary culinary masterpieces, designed to tantalize the taste buds as well as heal the body and nourish the soul. She is the Wellness Chef for Club Med Asia Pacific, the Australian Ambassador for Consorcio Jamon Serrano and leads an online learning program for le Cordon Bleu London.

Even MasterChef’s Matt Preston is a fan. “She is a front of wisdom when it comes to tasty, healthy eating,” he said.

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Working with Sam was so helpful to not only navigate my way through publishing my first book but just for general business advice. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share and will help you with multiple facets of business, in particular finding the right pathways that align with your purpose and goals.
Steph Geddes
Nutritionist / Body Good Food
‘I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first cooking class with the lovely Chef Sam Gowing. A few years back I never would have dreamt that I would be so lucky to be working with such amazing people and discovering my passion for food. There was a week back in 2016 where I made up a bunch of fried rice and that’s all I ate for a whole week. Like we’re talking breakfast, lunch and dinner I had no idea about cooking (clearly) and wasn’t interested in learning about what I was putting into my body. Fast forward 3 years and I've got the privilege of learning from the best’ - Stacey Allen, MKR 
Stacey & Ash
Sam created a phenomenal experience for my leadership team of 11 Regional Managers in our Byron Bay 3 day retreat offsite. Sam gathered all of our various nutrition requests from sensitivities and vegan, to the most random food concerns, she was able to cater to all of our needs, and the food tasted absolutely delicious! The food was healthy, delicious and we were left feeling full and nourished every day. The experience her and her team created was seamless, and her agility to respond to time changes and move with our daily regime was easy and flawless. I would recommend Sam for any food experiences in the future.
Alex Shaughnessy
Director Retail & Community AUNZ / Lululemon
Sam talked me through the bigger picture, giving me clarity not only of my goals but importantly for me clarity on the now. Love the life you live as each day is an important moment in your personal journey and reaching the goals you set. Sam’s wealth of knowledge, experience, along with her generosity of spirit make her a natural mentor. She doesn’t gloss over the difficulties that you may be experiencing, but is able to provide another view that has helped me make decisions I had been putting off, in doing so I’ve cleared the path of blockers and created space for positive outcomes.
Robyn Nowell
Author & Founder / Robyn's Seasonal Kitchen
Samantha Gowing’s warmth, extensive food knowledge and sense of fun is always a crowd pleaser, which is why she has become a favourite for community food shows. Sam’s also a great MC with a heart of gold, a cheeky wit and a head full of amazing information that she is happy to share with great style.
Anne Briggs
"Splendour Day 1: Compliments to the Chef"
"Inspiring. Empowering. Hilarious & Entertaining. Be it speaking to international heavyweights in the spa and food industry or helping the next up and coming cafe, restaurant or health practitioner, Sam Gowing is an incredible mentor with a wealth of experience, wisdom and the all-too-rare common sense. There is no one else like Sam; she truly is the Queen of Conscious Cuisine!"
Marcus Pearce
"Sam Gowing is the fairy god mother of the food, health, and wellness industry. Not only does she embody wisdom and have stellar experience, she also knows exactly how to help raise you (and your business) from servant to your trade to the belle of the ball! All of this and more packaged into a gorgeous, caring and gracious soul."
Carrie Thomson-Casey
"Sam Gowing is a wonderful blend of straight talking Aussie, well-travelled chef and wellness loving yogi. Just my kind of lady! Just what I need in a business mentor."
Judy Plath
Nourish Cafe
"What I love most is that she was able to talk to me in my own language. She took all her knowledge of systems, marketing funnels, premium clients, pricing, blogging, newsletters and the most current software knowledge of the time and translated it into Keri. She gave me the practical skills that I SO desperately needed but also a warm loving kick up the base chakra to believe in myself and have fun whilst I kicked my goals.”
Keri Kreiger
"Starting up a new business can make your world spin off its axis. Fortunately for me, Sam's come along and brought some sanity in my business life. She is there on the other side of the receiver answering my questions with workable solutions. invaluable input when you need it most."
Cinzia Cozzolino
"Samantha Gowing is a culinary pioneer for the spa and wellness industry. She offers the complete wellness solution for luxury hotels and spa’s, bringing together her global experience as a chef, a keen business acumen and her training in natural medicine. Her energy and passion is evident whether she is on stage, mentoring one to one or designing a creative gastronomic menu. Sam is definitely Australia’s leading spa chef!"
Sonja Sorich
Spa Wellness Consulting
“With the increasing demand for beautifully prepared, healthy food and the escalating global health issues, Vue de monde enjoys a nurturing nutritional alliance with Samantha Gowing. This combined with thirty years experience in hospitality and the corporate arena makes her a true champion of balanced living!”
Shannon Bennett
“Sam Gowing is Australia’s spa cuisine guru. She is a font of wisdom when it comes to tasty, healthy eating!”
Matt Preston
"Samantha Gowing showed me a few things I didn’t know for which I am most grateful. She’s a great teacher, fun to work with and she gets results. Thanks Samantha!”
Ita Buttrose
“I had the good fortune of stumbling across Sam Gowing back in 2002. Since then, whenever I’m run down, flat out, over-roasted, or in need to some professional “energy support”, she is the one I call. She always sets me back on the path to good health, and manages to do so in a way that makes food sexy, and exercise delightful. She has a big heart, and this makes her the real deal. I love her way.”
Clare Bowditch
"The woman is a culinary genius – and so knowledgeable about food. The dishes she creates not only taste amazing, but they all serve a particular purpose for your body. Someone I love, admire and have so much respect for."
Jess Ainscough
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