“My vision is to radiate global awareness through my mentoring, coaching and culinary programs so as to empower others by cultivating their effective motivational mindset so they may enjoy the power of positive energy as a vital healing force to reunite family, restore community and improve planetary health.”
Samantha Gowing


Meet Chef Samantha Gowing, a trailblazing culinary visionary with a unique journey in the world of gastronomy and wellness. With her extensive background in health science and gastronomic tourism, Chef Samantha Gowing has been a pioneer in promoting the fusion of delicious, nutritious cuisine long before it became a popular trend.

In 1999, she founded Gowings Food Health Wealth, a global wellness enterprise headquartered in the serene Byron Bay. This innovative company specializes in crafting bespoke culinary programs for luxury hotels, spas, and health retreats around the world. Through Gowings Food Health Wealth, Chef Samantha Gowing empowers food and health entrepreneurs to create thriving and sustainable businesses.

Chef Samantha holds a Diploma in Health Science and Nutrition, showcasing her commitment to the holistic approach to well-being. Her pursuit of culinary excellence led her to attain a Master’s degree in Gastronomic Tourism from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu, further enhancing her culinary prowess.

As an award-winning restaurateur, Chef Samantha Gowing traded in her fast-paced city career to pursue her true passion for health and wellness. She embarked on a transformative journey, retraining as a clinical nutritionist. Her dedication to bridging the gap between food and medicine ignited a movement that has since been embraced far and wide.

A published author, her book “The Healing Feeling” reflects her deep knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between food and health. In addition to her literary contributions, Chef Samantha Gowing is a prolific writer on the future of food, emerging culinary trends, and the ever-popular green smoothie culture.


Among her culinary creations, Chef Samantha introduced the world to “Black Betty Bam,” a delectable, plant-based, gluten-free paste with smoky, sultry, umami-rich flavours. Perfect for pairing with toast, crackers, antipasto, soups, or steamed vegetables, this culinary gem is a testament to her creativity in the kitchen.


Today, Chef Samantha Gowing continues to craft contemporary culinary masterpieces that not only tantalize the taste buds but also promote healing and nourishment for the body and soul. She serves as the Executive Wellness Chef for Club Med Asia Pacific and is the Wellness Chef and Clinical Nutritionist at the renowned Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Additionally, she has been leading global online learning programs in partnership with Le Cordon Bleu since 2018.


Even culinary expert Matt Preston has recognized her expertise, describing her as a “font of wisdom” when it comes to delectable and healthy eating. Chef Samantha Gowing’s culinary journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to promoting the harmonious relationship between food and well-being.

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