AfterSpa – How to survive FebFast & life after a Health Retreat

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Ever been to a health retreat and wondered how on earth you will maintain your new found virtuous ways when you get home?
What if they could just take home the staff  or at least a handy program that will ensure you can stay on track so you don’t fall off the wagon?
That’s why we have created AfterSpa – a downloadable full colour eZine FREE TODAY!

AfterSpa is an exclusively tailored program to meet the needs of the spa resort or retreat guest who may find it challenging integrating the key takeaway messages they have learned while on a wellness retreat program into daily life at home.
In this tasty 17 page eZine we’ve created pantry lists, recipes, a two day eating plan plus  healthy tips, treats and tonics to get you through life!

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AfterSpa – your downloadable full colour eZine for just $4.97
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