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Sally Macindoe – A woman of influence

It feels as though I have barely had an original motivating thought or idea for about a month and this is certainly reflected in my blogging life. In hindsight however, this is not really true as my focus has been on birth the Whole Happiness™ initiative which I will launch at the forthcoming Sustaining Women in Business conference (SWB) in Sydney on October.

However there’s a feeling very busy women get – at least those I talk to – when they have taken on too much. They know they are over extending but the sheer drive for success and eagerness to motivate others pushes them beyond the realm of reality. I know this feeling well and recently the desire for more executive freedom, reduced weekly responsibility to a roster and the desire to not micro manage staff became a rainbow of reality faster than you can upload a selfie on a Saturday.

You see, last week I submitted my resignation from my demanding role as Head Chef. It was a choice well thought out and albeit came faster than I had first anticipated. Hitting the send button was delayed by a nanosecond. Yep, that’s it. When I asked for spiritual guidance and a sign of approval from the Universe – I received only one syllable. Trust.

The ensuing 48 hours delivered a raft of extraordinary opportunities and outcomes. At exactly the same time I decided to move on, an email arrived from a spa colleague in Bali. We had met last year at a Spa workshop I presented at the Karma hotel, Jimbaran Bay. Richard has invited me to work on the brand spanking new 16 room Spa and Wellness Center a new wing and Italian Restaurant. He wrote, “I thought of you as they are committed to operating in wellness and in the future they intend to run retreats and workshops. Definitely a long term idea.”

And so it continued. A new mentoring client booked and paid up that afternoon. Calls and emails of congratulations were flooding in. Even MasterChef’s Matt Preston – a colleague of many years – rang to say he had heard how great my food was and that I have “become the star of healthy food”. Nice.

It is surprising how many people reckon that moving on takes guts. Yet this is something I consider an evolutionary process:

Dissolve any doubts around the situation and always, always look to see what is possible.

Every mentor needs a mentor. Above and beyond we need to surround ourselves with supportive, inspiring people who can motivate and make a difference. I am sincerely honoured and proud of the dynamic women I have known for most of my adult life. Women who strive to entertain, nurture or cultivate an action for change. In the attached article, my dear friend Sally Macindoe proves why she is a champion for change and a celebrated campaigner for gender diversity in the globally legal world. AFR_SallyMacindoe_web

Sally says that she “firmly believes what gets measured gets managed” and this is indicative of the importance of systems in business. The key to a commercial kitchen is good systems, from health and safety standards to stock control. If protein and amino acids are the building blocks of our cells then the path to business success is a deliberate intention to establish effective systems.

Setting achievable, measurable goals combined with daily business practice provides consistency and foundation from which to grow a stable, profitable place to prosper.


Join me at the Sustaining Women in Business (SWB) annual conference which attracts top talents from the world’s leading organisations along with ambitious business women looking for an edge.

Don’t miss my Whole Happiness™ launch presentation where we will look at the future of whole foods and wellness trends.

You can vote for anyone who has inspired you in the AFR 100 Women of Influence awards here

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