Beet leaves and buckwheat noodles

Beet leaves and buckwheat noodles

Happily inspired by Nigella’s recipe from her important book, “How to Eat”, I have reworked it a little, but you can use parsley instead of sprouts if you like. I am so thrilled to find her writing healthier recipes amongst her lushness of lashings of butter.

I’ve been celebrating beets for years, especially the stems and leaves, which make a very restorative Beet Top Tea – a proven hangover tonic!

1 bunch beetroot with stems and leaves attached
80 grams gluten-free soba noodles
1 teaspoon shoyu – Japanese soy sauce
1 tablespoon mirin
1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar
1 dessertspoon freshly grated ginger
1 cup sprouts

  • Boil water for noodles in a large pot
  • Remove beets from beet stalks and leaves and set the beets aside for a future soup or a salad recipe
  • Wash beet stalks and leaves in a sink full of water, drain and cut into about 2 inch pieces
  • In a heavy based pan, cook rinsed beet tops with just the water that clings to the leaves
  • Cook noodles in plenty of rapidly boiling water. Drain and refresh under cold running water, pat dry with paper towels
  • Combine remaining ingredients and mix gently through the cooked noodles
  • Add seasoned noodles to the pan, toss with beet tops so the noodles are tinged with a lovely pink colour from the leaves. Add more shoyu as required
  • Remove from heat, toss through sprouts or parsley and serve warm 



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