Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – Belinda Hughes

Belinda is a Natural Beauty Expert who is passionate about getting healthy skin by using toxic free products and eating healthy food. Understanding that women are extremely busy today convenience is important so our needs can be met quickly, often on the run. Eating healthy simple recipes is key along with finding the correct natural skin care helps any woman achieve their best glowing skin.

To this end, Belinda has put together an online resource as a guide to the best toxic free products available along with lifestyle articles and information to help women access this information quickly and easily.

Meet Belinda

What’s your survival food when you’re on tour, travelling or working late in your business?

When travelling for work I always make sure I stop and at least eat a healthy decent dinner in a restaurant. Which would include a good fish or meat, vegetables or salad. I would NEVER stop and just eat junk food even if it’s been a big day, I always wait and eat a bit later to get the nourishment and fuel, especially when it’s go, go, go!

What’s your healthy go-to comfort food – either at home or in a restaurant?

Roast dinners. I find them so comforting and nourishing, if I’m unwell or just exhausted I find the warm meal makes me feel so much better.

Do you have a secret remedy that keeps either your voice / mind / body in shape? 

When I’m sick with a flu or cold I make this medicinal chicken soup which I’ve adapted from James Wong’s ‘Grow your own Drugs’ recipe book. I also tend to feed it to friends in winter when they’re sick. It has loads of garlic, ginger, onion and of course chicken in it!

What’s the most obscure rider or patron’s request you’ve ever heard?

I used to own a restaurant in the Daintree Rainforest, Cow Bay. We used to get a lot of international tourists up there. At the time, the strangest thing I’d ever heard was a man from Italy who was allergic to garlic.


A recipe from Belinda

Fish in a Bag

My favourite healthy recipe is quite corny but easy and healthy! Great for mid-week or Sunday night.

  • Place some asparagus or beans on the bottom of some baking paper
  • Place a piece of fish (I prefer salmon) on top
  • Season with salt, pepper, chilli and garlic
  • Pop a 1cm thick chunk of butter on top
  • Wrap the paper, or staple it (yes I count the stapler as a cooking instrument!)
  • Put on a baking tray and bake for 20mins or so
  • Serve with some baked vegies or mash.

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