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Two weeks ago on a starry Byron Bay night, I was lucky enough to meet the stunning Belinda Norton-Smith at the launch of Lisa Messinger’s inspiring new book, Life & Love – Creating the Dream. We shared 100 Mile food, swapped stories of health and wellness – and fell into a lovely new friendship that often happens in a roomful of entrepreneurial women.

Her blog is a mix of food, fashion, and fitness and is her way of sharing the optimal life she leads and family live. Belinda creates healthy delicious meals for her family, focussing on clean and dairy free delights. She shares her motivational fitness routines and her vast knowledge of the body and wellness. What struck me about Belinda was her passion for educating kids to make healthier food and fitness choices from a young age; and how she shares her knowhow on schedules to help other families gain the most from their lifestyle.

Belinda is a mum of two children (9 years and 7 years old). She holds a Bachelor Health and Physical Education (Primary) and currently work full-time teaching primary school. Her goal is to help as many women as possible become healthy and well for the betterment of their children. She believes that we need a world where children know how to look after their bodies and health properly so we as a world can live optimally. Along the way she reckons she has found the secret to living well and simply – something we all strive for.


What’s your survival food when you’re on tour, travelling or working late in your business?
My survival food is absolutely a jar of homemade Paleo muesli, fruit layers, coconut yogurt parfait – totally dairy free and clean and light

What’s your healthy go-to comfort food – either at home or in a restaurant?

I will always order in restaurant crispy atlantic salmon/ocean trout and vegetables combinations

Do you have a secret remedy that keeps either your voice / mind / body in shape? 
My secret remedy for optimal health and wellness is green tea with honey lemon and coconut water.

What’s the most obscure rider or patron’s request you’ve ever heard?
That people want to eat ‘healthy’ but then go on to avoid fat but eat high sugar options.  

A recipe from Belinda


Dinner, Food, Lunch
This recipe is my mid-week go to or when everything is just too busy. It is fresh, light, nutritious, totally clean eating and can be (dairy free) by simply changing the yogurt dressing.  Hope you add it to your weekly dinner or lunch list!
b. lime and chilli chicken and quinoa, chia, corn salad with spiced yogurt

chicken thighs sliced
chili oil
fresh whole lime
rice bran oil
1. Prepared sliced chicken thighs, rubbed in chill oil and squeeze lime and allow to marinate for 5 mins
2. Place rice bran oil in hot fry pan and brown the chicken.
3. Allow chicken to cool a little before adding to salad.
quinoa cooked with chia seeds (‘Sunrice’ do a microwave version)
corn cob (pre cooked) – cut kernels off
spinach leaves
natural greek yogurt + cumin + salt + pepper

1. Layer spinach leaves (washed and cut), cucumber, quinoa/chia, tomatoes, and corn across the plate.
2. Add a generous drizzle of the yogurt dressing.

Belinda Norton-Smith

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