A chef’s guide to plant-based protein

The world of plant-based protein in the food service industry is growing rapidly and it’s not just limited to bland tofu! While legume-based burgers are still very popular and highly nutritious, there are other kinds of burgers and other fast-food favourites that are now being made in a lab, rather than on a farm. The […]

Tropical breakfast quinoa

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a recipe for this website as we have been busy moving, working – and formally marrying. With a bounty of tropical fruit at our new backdoor step, I couldn’t resist creating this morning’s nutritious breakfast with handpicked fruit from our garden that features tropical plants tamarillo, mango, […]

Glacier 51 toothfish with miso butter

Nestled in the remote sub-Antarctic region, a staggering 4,109 km away from mainland Australia, lies the formidable Heard Island—one of the most unforgiving islands on the planet. At its southern tip, the awe-inspiring Glacier 51, also known as 51 Glacier, cascades into the perilous icy waters that envelop the island, creating an optimal habitat for […]

Cow Milk vs. Plant Milk

The milk dialogue is an udderly complicated topic, but plant milks have been moo-ving up the ranks, offering a refreshing twist on a classic favourite! The debate between cow milk and plant milk has gained significant attention in recent years, fuelled by health concerns, dietary preferences, environmental awareness, and ethical considerations. Whether you’re a lifelong […]

Chef Sam Gowing’s restorative chicken and ginger soup

Cooler weather calls for hearty soul warming soups, and this family friendly soup is not just a crowd pleaser, it also packs a nutritional punch. Filled with lean protein from tender chicken, a medley of fresh vegetables, it’s a well-balanced meal in a bowl. The broth keeps you hydrated and is low in calories, and the […]

How to use miso

Miso Love You!   Miso is a thick paste made by combining soybeans and barley or wheat or rice (or a mixture of these grains) with a yeast mould (koji) that has been cultivated from a soybean, barley or rice base. The mixture is then aged from three months to three years. Consider the potential […]

Grass fed lamb riblets with pomegranate, quinoa, pea and feta

What a spectacular day at PRIMEX‘s 40th Anniversary! The sun finally came out and was in full force, and it was fabulous to see so many people enjoying the activities, events, delicious food, music, and the diverse range of products and services from the vast array of fantastic exhibitors, partners, suppliers and industry folk. In […]

Tempeh burgers with almond satay

These little nutrition nuggets are bursting with flavour and I guarantee you’ll never snigger at a veggie burger again once you scoffed a few of these! Tempeh, also known as tempe, is a delicious plant-based protein, traditionally from Indonesia where it is made from fermented soybeans. More recently it is being made from various legumes […]

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