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Australia’s popular wellness chef, clinical nutritionist and Le Cordon Bleu Master’s graduate, is taking her ‘food is medicine’ philosophy offshore in a new partnership with Club Med Asia Pacific. 


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3AW Melbourne Denis Walter chats to Sam Gowing about food as medicine, diet myths and the Doctrine of Signatures on Nov 14 2018

BAY FM BELLY “The super special Samantha Gowing graces the airwaves this week and shares the story of food health and wealth via her newest venture into ‘The Kitchens’ in Robina Town Centre.”

ABC774 Radio Melbourne with Clare Bowditch talking food trends, fad diets and how to turn your food into medicine. March 2016.


The Bob Pritchard Radio Show presents this great interview with great information for all of you entrepreneurs on leading a healthy lifestyle to enable you to be as productive and successful as you can possibly be.


Day spa, five-star chef and nutritionist, Sam Gowing, returns to 100 Not Out to discuss her latest research into “Who Makes A Superfood Super.” On the back of our discussions around coconut oil, we look at how superfoods are marketed towards the public. To find out more about Sam and her research click here or go to www.foodhealthwealth.com


Sam demonstrates delicious healthy recipes and talks about the healing properties of the foods she incorporates into her exquisite cuisine..


Sam chats to Rachel Torise from Belly on Bay FM, Byron Bay about the future of food security, healing hotels, gastronomic tourism, and back in the day when there were more butchers than hipsters on Smith Street, Collingwood.


Sam joins Ilias The Greek on Byron Bay FM’s ‘Belly’ where they name the top 16 eating spots around the Shire. Sam shares some of her favourite music from her days as a live acoustic venue owner in Melbourne.


Sam talks about health practitioner qualifications and that Healing Feeling with Dr. Damien Kristof and Marcus Pearce.

100NO 86: That Healing Feeling with Sam Gowing from 100 Not Out by Marcus Pearce & Dr. Damian Kristof. We talk health practitioner qualifications, world wide spa food and more. Nov. 2014.


3AW Denis Walter talks with Sam Gowing Nov 2018

Sam chats food as medicine and nutrition with Denis about the Lake House in Daylesford.

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