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Samantha Gowing

Are Organics the New Prada?

This article was first published in the Byron Bay Echo, November 2008 ©2012SamanthaGowing The natural procession of organic foods swelling our national shelves has given

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Sam then and now

The Byron Bay Echo 2008 by Victoria Cosford Samantha Gowing was 20 years old when her father’s horse won the Melbourne Cup. His hand gripping

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A Leaf of Relief

“Teahouses are as important to the Sichuanese as pubs are to the British” Jung Chang, “Wild Swans” Chinese legend has it that tea originated in

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Lillies & Chillies

“If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily” Chinese Proverb Throughout history, both the East and the West have embraced the

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Samantha Gowing

Garlic: The Dracula Factor

“The honest flavour of fresh garlic is something I can never have enough of.” – James Beard  The classic macabre tale of the sinister life of

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The Wealth of Wheatgrass

Jocund juice joints across the land are bountiful with spiky trays of wheatgrass, gently waving their nutritious blades.  Whilst it may seem that this is

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Apple and cinnamon porridge

“Mares eat oats, does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.” Milton Drake, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston  The renowned British cook, Mrs. Beeton, who

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Samantha Gowing

Eastern Grill Meets Western Girl

Travels through Asia and the USA have played an important part in my culinary inspiration. Of greatest significance has been the age-old Eastern schools of thought

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