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WH’s 101 Best Nutrition Tips – Expert Panel

WH’s 101 Best Nutrition Tips – Expert Panel Recently Women’s Health magazine asked me for my best nutrition tips. Here’s my absolute go to guide. Energy Alkalise, Alkalise, Alkalise, Alkalise! Sea vegetables have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years for their therapeutic qualities and rich mineral source.  Some are salty, mild, […]


Why I am a Wellness Warrior?

So my great mate Jess aka The Wellness Warrior and co-host at Healthtalks TV asked me, well a few poignant and heavy questions the other day. One is so hardcore I had to share it with you and I’m sure she won’t mind me re-posting them. You can read more of the “WHY” as I just […]


healthtalks TV

The wait is over,  here’s the healthiest thing you’ll see all day! Welcome to healthtalks TV Since we first mentioned our plans a few weeks back, on all of our blogs and on the Face Book page, there’s been a lot of speculation and comment from many of you about where we might be seen, […]


Paving A New Paradigm

What an incredible year it’s been! I found myself in transition more often than not this year and now that the end is nigh I can sit back and reflect on the good the bad and the not so ugly. What I have learned the most is how our own ‘story’ in our head dictates […]


You can’t Milk a Soybean

Whilst the imminent peril of international biological war surrounds us daily, another, almost silent, biochemical warfare has been bubbling for some time. The threat of genetically modified foods has prompted many a good citizen to lobby for G.E. free items in this country. But is the awareness permeating the social consciousness effectively? Is the nervous […]


Hustle, Bustle & Muscle

Degenerative joint diseases, such as Osteoarthritis (rheumatism), typically target specific areas of the body like the hips, knees, fingers, big toes, and the spine.  Characterised by deep, aching pain with stiffness, Osteoarthritis is usually caused by inflammation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bone that surround the damaged cartilage.  Most cartilage degeneration is due to […]