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The Japanese Fun Guy

In the New York Times, Craig Claiborne shares the romantic notion that ‘The ancients believed that mushrooms were created by thunderbolts, possibly because they flourished after rain.’ French horticulturalists pioneered mushroom reproduction and today mushroom cultivation stands as a thriving industry, offering an abundance of species available in autumn and throughout the year.   The Japanese […]


To Dot the Heart: The importance of the Chinese teahouse and dim sum

A look at the cultural and historical importance of the Chinese teahouse and dim sum. Submitted as an essay for Principles of Gastronomy, Master of Gastronomic Tourism degree, Le Cordon Bleu March 1st 2013. “The stuffed dumpling, humble as it may seem, is a dish with a fascinating history going back many centuries and interwoven […]


A Leaf of Relief

“Teahouses are as important to the Sichuanese as pubs are to the British” Jung Chang, “Wild Swans” Chinese legend has it that tea originated in the Sichuan Province as early as prehistoric times. It is believed that the fifth reincarnation of Buddha, Ta Mo had been meditating for years on when he eventually fell asleep. […]


You can’t Milk a Soybean

Whilst the imminent peril of international biological war surrounds us daily, another, almost silent, biochemical warfare has been bubbling for some time. The threat of genetically modified foods has prompted many a good citizen to lobby for G.E. free items in this country. But is the awareness permeating the social consciousness effectively? Is the nervous […]


Eastern Grill Meets Western Girl

Travels through Asia and the USA have played an important part in my culinary inspiration. Of greatest significance has been the age-old Eastern schools of thought including the traditional and macrobiotic cuisine of Japan, the ceremonial banquets of the Balinese and regional Indonesian food, the Chinese dietetics of the Yin and Yang, and the Ayurvedic wisdom […]