What is geonomic nutrition?

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of geonomic nutrition, a fancy term that helps you make informed food choices based on your genes. It’s like unlocking the secret code to your body’s nutritional needs! Geonomic nutrition takes into account your unique genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle when deciding what to munch on. It’s all about…...

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Kelp – the unsung hero

Kelp, a plant that grows abundantly in the world’s oceans, could be the unsung hero in the fight against climate change. Kelp forests, which grow along a quarter of the world’s coastlines, have a significant impact on the health of water and fisheries, and are currently undervalued in their contribution to the global economy. Recent…...

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Peak Kale

First published 2015 Incredibly, we have long passed that point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of kale has been reached, yet if the current season of MasterChef is anything to go by, crispy kale is the garnish of choice, adorning four dishes at last count. Coupled with the porcine darling of the […]

What are aduki beans?

These small, reddish brown beans are my favourite. They are a staple of Japanese cuisine and hold the key to many digestive problems of the Western world. The Chinese use them for drying damp, which is such a prevalent digestive condition in our society. Damp conditions traditionally reflect an intake of too much greasy food […]

The rosy fingered prawn

Eos, the Goddess of the Dawn, infused with saffron robes is no doubt a few drachma short thanks to Homer (as in Odyssey, not doughnut) who refrains to call her by name, instead choosing a more awakening announcement for her arrival, the rosy fingered dawn. If you’ve ever read – or as I have recently […]

What is the pineal gland for?

Gland To Meet You!! The Pineal Gland – The Glad Eye  The pineal gland has long been regarded as the location of the Third Eye and even has its own rods, cones and interior retina. It is thought to be a natural hyper-gate or trans-dimensional access point throughout the ages. The ‘third eye’ is considered […]

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