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Why I am a Wellness Warrior?

So my great mate Jess aka The Wellness Warrior and co-host at Healthtalks TV asked me, well a few poignant and heavy questions the other day. One is so hardcore I had to share it with you and I’m sure she won’t mind me re-posting them. You can read more of the “WHY” as I just […]


healthtalks TV

The wait is over,  here’s the healthiest thing you’ll see all day! Welcome to healthtalks TV Since we first mentioned our plans a few weeks back, on all of our blogs and on the Face Book page, there’s been a lot of speculation and comment from many of you about where we might be seen, […]


Food Trends for 2012

Top Tip: How to use Food as Medicine  In 2012, look out for: 1. Artisan Foods Leave the discounting to the supermarkets – fresh food retailers in 2011 will benefit by focussing on the growth in high quality home cooking spurred by the many TV shows. Carrying artisan, locally crafted products with unique flavour profiles […]


Beggars, Banquets and Sustainable Feasts

“Let the order of service be from the more substantial dishes to the lighter, and the simpler wines to the most perfumed”  Brillat – Savarin  The celebration of the feast marks a day of unusual solemnity and joy to commemorate a special event.  Festive cookery was traditionally a part of historic, religious and cultural events on […]