How to cope with grief

Great barrier grief. The abyss of grief is a chasm so vast that no compass can navigate its exodus. Time is suspended, daily tasks rendered impossible. It is the only state where time and date are so irrelevant that the segmentation of society’s structure is blindingly apparent. As if in apology, time slowly returns and […]

How to cook with beet leaves

People always ask me can you eat beet leaves? Happily, yes! This recipe is inspired by one of Nigella’s from her important book How to Eat. I have reworked it a little, but you can use parsley instead of sprouts if you like. Here’s a simple recipe about how to cook with beet leaves. I’ve been […]

Are Organics the New Prada?

This article was first published in the Byron Bay Echo, November 2008 ©2012SamanthaGowing The natural procession of organic foods swelling our national shelves has given rise to a new breed of health-hungry consumers. Gone are the peace-loving hippy associations once hyper linked with healthy food. This neutralised carbon copy offsets the once guilt-racked minds of […]

A Leaf of Relief

“Teahouses are as important to the Sichuanese as pubs are to the British” Jung Chang, “Wild Swans” Chinese legend has it that tea originated in the Sichuan Province as early as prehistoric times. It is believed that the fifth reincarnation of Buddha, Ta Mo had been meditating for years on when he eventually fell asleep. […]

Bioflavonoids – A Time for Lime

Indigenous to the South East of Asia, this warm climate fruit is most famous for keeping the British Navy alive on their voyages to the tropics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The rich vitamin C content of limes provided essential nutrients to ward off the deficiency disease, Scurvy.  Thus the sailors were nicknamed “Limeys”.  […]

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