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It’s a Miracle!

Unlocking your Miracle Magnet. This week on healthtalks Mel sits down with Nat to talk about how to become a Miracle Magnet! The girls demonstrate just how much your mindset and attitude create reality in our lives and how simple changes can start to make dramatic change in your life. Because really, who doesn’t want […]


Why I am a Wellness Warrior?

So my great mate Jess aka The Wellness Warrior and co-host at Healthtalks TV asked me, well a few poignant and heavy questions the other day. One is so hardcore I had to share it with you and I’m sure she won’t mind me re-posting them. You can read more of the “WHY” as I just […]


Healthtalks TV Episode 4

In this week’s episode of Healthtalks TV Nat serves up the sunny side of fertility. Fertility certainly isn’t just about the babies.  Fertility is the ability to conceive.  I like you to think of it as an extension of your health.  It sums up overall wellness, because if you are fertile, you can be your […]


healthtalks TV

The wait is over,  here’s the healthiest thing you’ll see all day! Welcome to healthtalks TV Since we first mentioned our plans a few weeks back, on all of our blogs and on the Face Book page, there’s been a lot of speculation and comment from many of you about where we might be seen, […]


Clare Bowditch Sings Sam’s Praises

“I had the good fortune of stumbling across Sam Gowing back in 2002, when she gave me a jolly-good dose of both Pilates and “food as medicine” advice. Since then, whenever I’m run down, flat out, over-roasted, or in need to some professional “energy support”, she is the one I call. She always sets me […]


Healthtalks TV Merry Christmas

Here’s our final segment for 2012 and what a hoot it is! Get the superfood deluxe Totes Amazeballs recipe here We had a cracker of a time shooting season two of HeathtalksTV in Melbourne this month. Graciously hosted by organically minded friends (whom I have known since my Collingwood days) Walter and Dorota Trupp from Trupp […]


Are Organics the New Prada?

This article was first published in the Byron Bay Echo, November 2008 ©2012SamanthaGowing The natural procession of organic foods swelling our national shelves has given rise to a new breed of health-hungry consumers. Gone are the peace-loving hippy associations once hyper linked with healthy food. This neutralised carbon copy offsets the once guilt-racked minds of […]