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Healthtalks TV

______________________________________ In this week’s episode of Healthtalks TV, I’m rocking an awesome Brussels sprout salad just in time for a post Spring Carnival cleanse. These mini cabbages are jam packed full of sulphurous compounds which help to cleanse the liver and purify the blood. If you hated Brussels sprouts as a kid because your mother […]


Healthtalks TV Merry Christmas

Here’s our final segment for 2012 and what a hoot it is! Get the superfood deluxe Totes Amazeballs recipe here We had a cracker of a time shooting season two of HeathtalksTV in Melbourne this month. Graciously hosted by organically minded friends (whom I have known since my Collingwood days) Walter and Dorota Trupp from Trupp […]


Healthtalks TV Ep. 9 – Food for Thought

Checkout the final episode for our pilot season – it’s an absolute cracker! At Healthtalks TV we dish you up the naked truth on all things raw, skinny, good fats and bad. It’s the only online TV show where you’ll get the ins and outs on all that’s well and truly. Healthtalks TV. an entirely new way to […]