How to make teriyaki salmon

How to make teriyaki salmon

  Many moons ago when I was still a wayward, moped-riding teenager, I managed a great Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. A glamourous izakaya bar with plush tatami rooms and serious table cooking that I would perform on a nightly basis strapped inside a glorious orange and silver silk kimono – sadly no photos were ever […]

Sesame crusted tuna with wasabi ponzu dressing

Our Byron Bay Cooking School popped up with a great summer school class focusing on Japanese food as medicine. Students were delighted to learn just how easy good, clean Japanese food can be to prepare. This hands-on class was the first of a series of food as medicine classes in Byron Bay over summer. “Absolute […]

How to make sesame salmon, soba noodle, ginger wasabi dressing

When I was a 19-year-old whippersnapper, I studied Japanese language and managed a Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne. I wore a traditional kimono everyday – can you imagine  – and learned the tricks of the trade from my hilarious, sake-infused Japanese colleagues. Sesame crusted tuna with wasabi ponzu dressing  

Eastern Grill Meets Western Girl

Travels through Asia and the USA have played an important part in my culinary inspiration. Of greatest significance has been the age-old Eastern schools of thought including the traditional and macrobiotic cuisine of Japan, the ceremonial banquets of the Balinese and regional Indonesian food, the Chinese dietetics of the Yin and Yang, and the Ayurvedic wisdom […]

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