Healthtalks TV Happy Christmas

We had a cracker of a time shooting season two of HeathtalksTV in Melbourne this month. Graciously hosted by organically minded friends (whom I have known since my Collingwood days) Walter and Dorota Trupp from Trupp Cooking School who let us use their fab kitchen located near the Prahran Market in Melbourne. Here’s our final segment for 2012 […]

Food is the new medicine

Replacing nature’s produce with processed food is asking for health problems, writes Lisa Mitchell for the Melbourne Age. Former restaurateur turned food and health consultant Samantha Gowing says about 75% of her clients present with general malaise. “They have this cycle of erratic nutritional intake – they’re not getting enough sleep, drinking too much coffee, […]

Are Organics the New Prada?

This article was first published in the Byron Bay Echo, November 2008 ©2012SamanthaGowing The natural procession of organic foods swelling our national shelves has given rise to a new breed of health-hungry consumers. Gone are the peace-loving hippy associations once hyper linked with healthy food. This neutralised carbon copy offsets the once guilt-racked minds of […]

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