What are aduki beans?

These small, reddish brown beans are my favourite. They are a staple of Japanese cuisine and hold the key to many digestive problems of the Western world. The Chinese use them for drying damp, which is such a prevalent digestive condition in our society. Damp conditions traditionally reflect an intake of too much greasy food […]

Ume sho kuzu

This is one of the most widely recommended macrobiotic home remedies. It is made from kuzu, umeboshi, a pickled sour plum) and shoyu, a natural soy sauce. You can also take this as a hangover remedy. First published 4/8/2011 Well I’ll Be! Recipe & Remedies eBook

Ginger: The Jewel of the Underground

If spice were to be a crown, then ginger would surely be its golden jewel. Native to Asia, the ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) was one of the earliest commodities to be introduced to European colonies from the East Indies by the Spanish, consequently laying down the foundations of The Spice Trade. Once the Spaniards delivered […]

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