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It’s a Miracle!

Unlocking your Miracle Magnet. This week on healthtalks Mel sits down with Nat to talk about how to become a Miracle Magnet! The girls demonstrate just how much your mindset and attitude create reality in our lives and how simple changes can start to make dramatic change in your life. Because really, who doesn’t want […]


Why I am a Wellness Warrior?

So my great mate Jess aka The Wellness Warrior and co-host at Healthtalks TV asked me, well a few poignant and heavy questions the other day. One is so hardcore I had to share it with you and I’m sure she won’t mind me re-posting them. You can read more of the “WHY” as I just […]


Ita Tells Me So

The smash hit ‘Paper Giants’ ABC TV drama triggered a tsunami of interest in the life and times of journalist and publisher Ita Buttrose. Here’s the link to Australian Story and a few kind words she offered since our last meeting… “I thought I knew fair bit, but Samantha Gowing showed me a few things I didn’t […]