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Welcome to the inaugural Dude Food feature post – a tasty place that amplifies awareness around the great fellas who plant, pat, play and put good food on plates. Now there’s never been a better place to launch than with the farmer.

Ol’ Mate Charlie Arnott burst on my radar serendipitously, just like a nexus point where destiny and opportunity collide. My two great loves – food and music – have brought us to this place thanks to my sous chef Jasmine Norton – who kept bangin’ on about biodynamic farming down on Charlie’s farm at Boorowa – and one of my favourite Rockin’ Women Wednesday gals, Eve von Bibra. Eve wears many hats including chief cat herder for our extended Rockwiz family who pop into my kitchen for a feed every year over Easter during Bluesfest. Finally the penny dropped that both Jazzy and Eve were talking about the same folk – Farmer Charlie and his beautiful bride, Angelica.

So, fast forward a footy season and here we are about to roll out a great day in Sydney together as ambassadors for Landcare Australia’s launch of From Farm to Fork. FFTF is a fundraising campaign all about getting together to enjoy awesome Australian food, while supporting the farmers that make it possible, and the event in the Sydney CBD that celebrates farmers, growers and passionate chefs like me. Scroll down for details.

Who’s Your Farmer?

When was the last time you took a moment to consider who collected the eggs that you scrambled this morning for breakfast or the farmer who pulled the carrots from the ground that you had with dinner last night?

While Charlie Arnott’s surname is better-known for his great-grandfather’s biscuit company, Charlie has always known his place to be working on the land in agriculture. He has made it his life’s mission to help consumers understand and track the origin of their food from field to fork and to help Australian’s know ‘Who’s your farmer?’.

“They’re interested in the sizzle and not just the sausage.”

Charlie is driven by a conscious connection and connecting people. His greatest joy in life is knowing he can meet people’s needs. This, coupled with his intention to generate a cultural shift in agricultural so as to improve the relationship between farmers and eaters, is the legacy he hopes to be remembered for.

A  biodynamic farmer and grazier, he is based on his 5000 acre mixed farming property at Boorowa, NSW, where he has established tens of thousands of native trees. He is passionate about growing clean healthy beef, which he sells direct to customers under his brand Charlie Arnott Natural Grass Fed Beef.

Winner of the Conservation Farmer of the Year – Lachlan Region, Charlie has won several agricultural industry awards and has been an active Landcarer since the inception of the grass-roots movement in 1989. He is currently chair of the regional Landcare organisation, LachLandcare.

*Thanks to Regional Voices for some of this content.



From Biscuits to Beef

The Arnott family have bred and grown Shorthorn cattle at ‘Hanaminno’, Boorowa for 45 years, with our core bred since 1958. Michael Arnott, the great, great-grandson of William Arnott, the man who started the Famous Arnott’s Biscuit Company, decided after 8 years in the Homebush biscuit factory in Sydney to break with tradition, and given his strong family ties with the bush, moved to Boorowa after a few years in Southern Queensland. His son, Charlie Arnott, took over the reins in 1997, and has continued the proud Arnott tradition of producing high quality Australian products.

Tune into the Regional Voices interview (click Soundcloud above) for Rural Achievers month where you can hear how Charlie is working hard to connect customers and families in metropolitan areas with their food and the farmers that produce it.


Charlie Arnott Natural Grass Fed Beef

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Raise your forks Australia!
From Farm To Fork launch – Monday September 7th.

Sydney Friends, food lovers and media, please come along to the launch of From Farm to Fork on Monday September 7th. The launch is all about celebrating the Australian farmer and showcasing the importance of our farmers and the food they produce that sustains us all as well as the land that nurtures us. Proud to be a Landcare Australia ambassador together with Chef Clayton Donovan & Charlie Arnott – Natural Grass Fed Beef. Media launch will officially start at 11.30pm. Produce demo by me to follow. Read more here



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