Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – Clare Bowditch

Now me and Clare Bowditch go back a long way – as do most of the rockin’ women posted here. According to CB, I am the “original health coach”. She should know ‘cos she came to me as a patient way back in 2002 for nutritional support. She then wrote the following blessing – the introduction to my eBook The Healing Feeling.

“I had the good fortune of stumbling across Sam Gowing back in 2002, when she gave me a jolly-good dose of both Pilates and “food as medicine” advice. Since then, whenever I’m run down, flat out, over-roasted, or in need to some professional “energy support”, she is the one I call. She always sets me back on the path to good health, and manages to do so in a way that makes food sexy, and exercise delightful. She has a big heart, and this makes her the real deal. I love her way.”

Well, I have to say that the love is deeply reflected. Not only can this babe sing – we all know that – but she’s a fabulous cook too, as you will read below. She is also one heluva dynamic businesswoman with a big, compassionate heart. So much so, she has collated a tribe of holistic, smarty-pants whippersnappers to mentor, nurture and shape into the future of Australian business.

Oh how we love that!

So here’s to you CB – may you rise and shine like the heart that beams within you.

Go you good thing!



Back in 2011 I made no small  secret of the fact that I was coming around to the king of green vegetables: kale. At Christmas for example, I brought one turkey and one kale salad. My Offspring co-star Eddie Perfect implied to a journalist that my my relationship with kale was bordering on obsession. He was right, and a kale/banana/orange smoothie in the morning has indeed become one of my family’s daily rituals (YES, MOST OF MY KIDS LOVE IT! THEY THINK IT’S A MILKSHAKE! I KNOW!!).

Sure, if they find out kale causes cancer, we’re fucked, but at least we lived happy lives.

Exactly why do I love kale? Because once I got over the fact that it looked really green and a little tough, the benefits were SO obvious SO quickly; less illness over winter, more zing in my step, and a strange joy at having put something so obviously great into my life.

What may turn things around for you and kale is this tiny little preparation step that tenderizes the beast and turns it into something that makes you go “Yum”.

And it goes a little like this:

Approx 8 stalks of kale.
one ripe avocado
Himalayan sea salt
Toasted sesame seeds
Olive oil

The secret, my friends, is in the olive oil.

  • People get very fussy with kale, cutting out the stalk in the middle and what not. I usually don’t bother – I just take the beasts, wash them, shake them, roll them up together, and then cut them into fine strips
  • Then they go into a bowl and (here comes the secret!) pour a generous amount (a few tablespoons) of olive oil over them, sprinkle a good pinch or two of salt, and then massage them gently. Once all the kale is covered in oil, just leave it for half an hour (or less, or more: really, do what suits)
  • Then just before dinner, chop up your avo, pop it on top, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and voila!
  • This salad is a basic intro to “How Kale Can Become Your BBF: 101
  • Add or subtract whatever you like – slice some carrots, cucumber, or add in a little dulse-flake action. Whatever works for you

Here’s a few questions I have for Clare 

1. What’s your survival food when you’re on tour? (Either on flights or in hotel rooms)

I travel with great-quality tea including Calmer Sutra wet-chai, a seaweed Gomasio, a cucumber, some Spiral Miso, and Emma and Tom’s Cacao and Orange Life Bar. There have been a number of tours where I have hardly touched any of my snacks and instead opted for chips with gin and tonic, and that’s ok too.

2. What’s your healthy go-to comfort food – either at home or in a restaurant – when you come home?

Moroccan Soup Bar: Just feed my a bit of chick-pea bake, pickles and some steamed vegies and I return to normal.

3. Do you have a secret remedy that keeps your voice in shape?

Pineapple juice before a show. Sage tea when I’m feeling sore in the throat (this is a really, really common prescription that any German doctor will give you if you present with a sore throat).

4. What’s the most obscure rider request you’ve ever heard?

Fluffy pink towels and a carton of Winnie Blue (same rider).


You Make Me Happy by Clare Bowditch – click below to watch

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