What Deepak taught me

When Deepak Chopra reckons that “You are a stardust being with self-awareness”, you listen and rise up to his cosmic thoughts. After all, it’s not every day you get to hang with the Guru. What I love most about the Doctor is his humour.

Oh Boy, this guy is hilarious! When asked if he gets overwhelmed by his mission: “You have to be realistic and say ‘Let’s go to the bar and have a drink’. My kind of Guru.

I am triply blessed to have had the opportunity to be invited to speak on the state of global food and health at this year’s Global Wellness Summit in Mexico City – and to be the only chef in a village of 500 delegates. There’s a tasty VDO clip for you to tune in to here.

Other highlights of the Summit included the gala dinner at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, complete with a surprise ballet performance. A fabulous night spent with our Aussie crew and new friends from all over the wellness world.



Meanwhile Down Under


It seems that every time I fly out long haul, a corporate event drops just as I leave – what’s up with that?! I am so proud to be able to leave Byron Bay knowing full well that we can pull of team of professionals together at short notice and roll out another fabulous executive team building event at the Byron at Byron Resort and Spa.

A huge shout out to my business development manager Peta, Gavan, Head Chef at B@B for being Mini Me and stepping in on his day off to oversee the day. Chef Brendon from Anise Catering and Chef Linda Molloy also joined the crew to ensure a seamless, fun-filled event was had by all. There’s still time to book your inspiring staff Christmas event in glorious Byron Bay.

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