1. What services do you offer?
We provide a range of services including wellness chef courses, clinical nutrition consulting, corporate wellness events, private chef services, product development, and wellness business mentoring.

2. How can I book a cooking class or corporate event?
You can book a cooking class or corporate event by contacting us through our website’s contact page or by calling +61 0411 852 387.

3. What products are available in your shop?
Our shop offers various products, including the Black Betty Bam spread and books by Samantha Gowing.

4. Can I hire a private chef for a special event?
Yes, we offer private chef services for events like intimate dinner parties, Christmas festivities, and on-set catering for film and TV.

5. What is the philosophy behind your culinary approach?
Our philosophy revolves around “Food as Medicine,” promoting holistic health through nutritious and delicious cooking.

6. Who is Samantha Gowing?
Samantha Gowing is a Le Cordon Bleu Master, chef, clinical nutritionist, and the founder of Food Health Wealth, known for her expertise in wellness cuisine and holistic health practices.

7. How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
You can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email on our website to receive updates and wellness tips from Gowser’s Browser. Sign up here

8. Do you offer consulting services for wellness tourism?
Yes, we provide consulting services for luxury resorts, health spas, and wellness retreats, offering bespoke wellness and spa cuisine programs.

For more details, visit Food Health Wealth.


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