First Aid Foods


I’ve got the lergy.

Although it’s not a completely debilitating one, it’s enough to keep me out of the kitchen – ‘cos nobody wants to see a sick chef – especially in a health retreat. So I’ve been tucked up in bed for a few days, just crawling out to absorb some vitamin D today and to make this pitcher of green love for my low immune stricken cells.


Don’t be tempted to put anything too fancy in the mix, just go for the essential nutrients you have on hand.
OK I admit, I did use up the E3Live in mine. You can find out all about that ingredient when you buy my eBook The Healing Feeling here, now!

Here’s what’s in today’s all organic brew:

½ bunch kale, roughly chopped
1 Pink Lady apple, seeds n all, roughly chopped
1/4 bunch mint, roughly chopped
700 ml coconut water – or filtered water
1 teaspoon E3Live
1 teaspoon chlorella powder – I luckily found some kicking around my pantry
1 tablespoon superfood blend – I use this one at home Shakti’s Superfood Blend
1 dessertspoon psyllium husk – or other fibre to help clear the mucous from the digestive tract that may want to proliferate into the lungs

  • Place all ingredients in a Vitamix blender and process on full speed until completely smooth
  • Pour into individual glass bottles and refrigerate what you have not yet consumed, or keep in the Vitamix and enjoy within a few hours

Other first aid foods which contain lots of antioxidants:

  • Green tea – contains natural polyphenols, a powerful group of antioxidants known as catechins, whose major task is to scavenge pro-oxidants and gobble up those pesky free radicals
  • Spinach, kale and other DGL – Chlorophyll rich Dark Green Leaves (DGL) 
  • Blueberries contain the phytonutrients ellagic acid and resveratrol, known to regenerate liver cells
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic, reducing the incidence of common colds. Combining garlic with cayenne pepper will induce a sweating reaction if taken at the onset of the cold
  • Tomatoes contains the antioxidant lycopeine, an active cartenoid that protects against the oxidants that lie close to the cell membranes. Also allows modulation of the immune system and enables new blood vessels to form
  • Broccoli aids in chemical elimination; anti allergic properties, antioxidant, anti viral and an antibiotic – who knew?!
  • Nuts and seeds Just a handful if you’re poorly as the protein will help boost immunity. Not too many though as the fats may aggravate the phlegm symptoms


The day before I made a big batch of my famous turmeric tonic which you can find the recipe here and by tomorrow I should be just tickety boo and ready for a brand new week of wellness. 

I’d love to hear you favourite remedies. Leave me a comment or two below.

Sammy x

photo Vitamix and Raw Blend Combined Larger
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