Eventing my enthusiasm

Oh the fun we had!

The last four weeks have been a kaleidoscope of delicious events, tasty product development and mentoring our stellar clients with our bullet proof wellness business solutions. In fact, business has gone nuts – just the way we like it. We’ve even managed to squeeze in a fresh look to our masterbrand!  You know that ol’ saying if you want something done ask a busy woman? Well there is so much truth to that. Being busy helps us thrive and get stuff done. Complacency is the mother of all mediocrity and I find ‘all things in moderation’ to be the most boring advice on the planet! I like the notion of result-rest-restore-regroup, which is like the sequence of postures in Bikram yoga where you get to lie down for a full two minutes mid-class, and then you get to lie down a bit more in between postural knots – love that bit – and then there’s even more shivasana to finish I rest a lot, people are surprised when they learn that, but I do. I have old injuries that flare up, I need lots of legs up the wall time – and lots of sleep. So after a crazy busy month I find myself taking the time to write, to sit on the beach and literally catch my breath.


“I had such a wonderful time, Sam is very entertaining as well as knowledgable about food and wellbeing. It really felt as though I spent the day with a group of friends rather than strangers. I have already tried some of the recipes at home, much to the pleasure of my family. Can’t wait for the next Melbourne Masterclass…I will be there with bells on!!” – A happy customer

By now I have caught my breath and it’s time to pay my attitude of gratitude. This month of activities would simply not have been possible without the help of my team of goddesses, gorgeous friends, our new clients, cooking school students, our wonderful suppliers – and the fabulous sponsors who helped bring our events to life. I am so deeply grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you.


Our goody bags for the awesome team building challenge at the Byron at Byron Resort & Spa were made even better thanks to our friends at Brookfarm and RawC coconut water. The crew at Vitality 4 Life lent us wonderful new Bio Chef blenders to work with on site – and cheerfully donated wonderful bags for our Melbourne Masterclass which we filled with yummy Byron Bay Chocolate Company treats and The Chia Co chia shots. Our favourite turkey talkers GreenAg sponsored the turkey for the masterclass, which we are perfecting our new Paleo dim sum recipe. Stay tuned! Thanks also to Loving Earth and C coconut water.

Scenes from our Byron Bay Team Building event pics by Subcutanea


Scenes from our Melbourne Rawfood & Paleo Masterclass pics by Catherine S.

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