The Happy Mondays: Dancing the Abundance

I love a new financial year.

I love the fact that world does not shut down for four weeks and then take another four to get going – like it does over Christmas. I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months. I feel like I have been in recovery for the last six months – and it’s been nearly nine months since I took sabbatical from the stove and those assaulting 12 hours days in an under-staffed kitchen. While my pot scrubbing days might be over, my cooking days feel like they are only just beginning. Perhaps it’s being on the brighter side of the winter solstice, or the fact that at any tick of the clock Mercury will hightail it in the right direction.

Or perhaps it’s Aries time to ram a few goals home – just like Collingwood did last night. Maybe a collective of all of the above.  Apparently us Aries have had a shocker of a six months. Phew. I thought it was just me. My favourite medium Liz Winter reckons we moved through a helluva time. My journalist buddy Kay also ‘fessed up yesterday when I rang to thank her for her awesome article in The Age, Epicure.


You know what’s funny? I get an incredibly humbling pat on the organic back and statewide recognition in my hometown’s favourite food authority – which I began to take notice of when I was in boarding school at Geelong Grammar and The Age would be scattered around the common room table – yet at the ripe young age of 48 I am not sure of which career path to follow next. It’s not that there’s nothing on the horizon, it’s more that there’s an open road. A way of doing things differently.

And then I saw this image and quote shared by my beloved sous chef Jasmine. A wholefood goddess whom I adore – and a like-minded cheeky and spirited yogi.

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” -Eckhart Tolle

So with this in mind I am letting go and embracing the unknown and discovering a new paradigm of Whole Happiness™.

Howabout you?

CowDoor_Maneesh de Moor

Image: Maneesh de Moor | Rishikesh





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