The Happy Mondays – In Stitches

The Happy Mondays is an organic regular feature blog post that contemplates spiritual, motivational and entrepreneurial life. Sometimes I have an idea that grows and propagates over the weekend, but mostly it comes from early morning grinspiration on a Monday. The intention of my musings is to pave a motivational pathway for the reader to tread as the week unfolds.

So this morning’s grinspiration comes from a fabulous film clip I watched on the interwebs just as the dawn was breaking over Byron Bay. This wonderful clip celebrates the luxurious life and story so far of a cyber friend whom I am yet to meet in the flesh yet have the joy of watching of her work come to life stitch by stitch.

Johanna Johnson appeared on my radar like a diamond in the costumed jewelled Facebook crown via  Scotty Kingman.  Together they collaborate, create and curate extraordinarily beautiful and compelling films to celebrate the life and style of “JJ”, creative Sydney based couture designer to the stars.

Now this might sound glamourous, but as I watched in awe at the meticulous detail that goes into the design process, I breathed a sigh of relief and shed a tear of joy and awe as I mused that,

The road to entrepreneurial glory is paved with one thing – a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude one stitch at a time. There is no Quick Unpick when it comes to the creative process.

Sure there are fly-by-night bands, one hit wonders and phenomenally successful startups, but like Outliers author Gladwell argues, the true story of success is very different to the story that focuses on intelligence and ambition –  and that if we want to understand how some people thrive, we should spend more time looking around them to truly glean a glimpse of the blueprint that knits together their human potential.

The euphemism of the Little Aussie Battler is ingrained into the fabric that underpins the Tall Poppy syndrome in Australia. The paradox of our laid back, no worries go-for-it attitude is ‘have a crack – but just don’t get too big’. So it’s no wonder that we need to look abroad to feel the warm cloak of self confidence embrace our entrepreneurial bones.

I reckon a bit of vintage in business goes a long way. There’a lot to be said about honing your craft over time, whether it be playing an instrument, sewing or cooking. In the fifteen years I have been dishing up solutions for wellness, the current trend is insta-health and has begun to far outweigh common sense and evidence based nutritional biochemistry proof, so I return to a quote I coughed up for a conference last year.

“The need to thrive is beyond raw food, yoga moves and green smoothies. It is about finding our innate self, our essential nature, and allowing all of these aspects to integrate into ourselves”

I hope this week you find yourself more often in stitches than being stitched up.

Go you good thing!

Sammy x

Please take the time out of your busy Monday and watch The Story So Far

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