The Happy Mondays – Whole Happiness Academy Revealed

Announcing  The Whole Happiness Academy

Almost a year since we founded our Whole Happiness™ initiative, I am overcome with joy to announce the Whole Happiness™ Academy.

Building and expanding a business is all about systems. Attempting to distill my knowledge into a sustainable online program was completely daunting to me, not because of the content, but how to guarantee the delivery will always be fresh, affordable and most importantly will appeal and sell to my communities.

After months of brainstorming, researching, blogging, events, and travel I finally found the solution to an online course creation I had been looking.

It dawned on me that my concepts could snugly fit into 12 Degrees, 12 downloadable modules on the areas of food, health, and wealth that I have accumulated such vast amounts of knowledge – and have had hands on experience – during my career that spans three decades.

I felt a bolt of sparkling energy travel up and down my spine. A Kundalini resonance so strong that it propelled me like a woman possessed to scribble everything I had swirling around in my head on to butchers’ paper.

But what would I call it? So many names were already taken. I really wanted to use Academy, but having participated in The Blogcademy bloggers workshop in San Francisco, I was reluctant. Yet that spooky tingly feeling persisted and I got in touch with co-founder Kat Williams who gave me her blessing – and so I gave my Whole Happiness™ project the Academy award it deserves.

So what’s in it for You?

For less than the cost of dinner and a movie
You’ll be able to download each of the 12 Degrees at your own pace. You’ll be have to access VDO content with my guest presenters – whom you’ll love and might know already. You’ll get handy To Do lists, fact sheets, industry regulation guidelines and so much more on my favourite subjects like:

  • How to build a successful wellness business
  • How to open a wholefoods café
  • How to write a (proper) recipe
  • How to get started on social media
  • How to create a commercial kitchen

Just to name a few…

whole happiness academy logo blue


Now I need your help. I am famous for my generosity and have given away so much content of the years that I’m asking for something back.

Our crowdfunding opportunity will ensure enough cash flow to guarantee the highest quality of content and distribution.

I’ll reveal that process to you in a just a few days…..

Or you can start throwing money at me here


Give Gratitude
This post is dedicated to the grinspiration I receive from my friend and colleague Dr. Nat Kringoudis. Her motivation, enthusiasm, humour and encouragement illuminates the pathway for the expansion of Food Health Wealth. Namaste Natty.

The Whole Happiness™ Vision

Whole Happiness™ is a powerful initiative driven by a conscious awareness that happiness is a multi faceted state of being. We created WH™ in July 2013 after observing a deeper desire by guests, clients, and patients for something greater than what the spa and wellness offerings were delivering.

The pursuit of happiness is fundamental to our consciousness deserves a holistic and all-encompassing approach to happiness. Abundance, wellness, wealth, joy, and the spiritual pursuit of inner peace are key emotional and physical drivers contributing to the Whole Happiness™ state.

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