The consumer demand for clean flavours and transparency of ingredients has never been so great. Our food product development, photography and design services deliver unique wellness offerings that are authentic, handcrafted blends with a contemporary health twist.

Our healthy food product, book and market trend analysis helps companies ascertain where to strategically align their brand. 

We develop unique recipes and flavour concepts to build the profile of new healthy food brands, and revive heritage brands with our inspiring concepts in health product development. 

Together with Photographer Nelly le Comte we create mouthwatering images and delicious recipes guaranteed to delight your audience and nourish your customers.


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Black Betty Bam

Samantha Gowing's plant-based, umami rich paste for life.

Videography & Styling

Culinary & Nutrition CookBooks

Gwinganna Gourmet Cookbook

“Gwinganna Gourmet is a collection of new food, thoughtfully crafted with love and care designed to nourish the whole family. From vibrant salads to comforting soups, innovative protein-rich, plant- based plates, party show-stoppers, to irresistible, happiness-boosting treats – all with a harmonious union of flavour and nutrition.”Samantha Gowing
Editor, Executive Chef & Nutritionist

We Can All Eat That!
Written by Brookfarm co-founder, Pam Brook. We Can All Eat That! shows that raising healthy adventurous eaters doesn’t have to be hard work.  95 delicious recipes created in collaboration with whole-food chefs Sarah Swan and Sam Gowing. These are timeless meals for all the family to share together, no matter what their age (from 6 months +). Recipes you will go back to again and again as family staples, making it easy to prepare the same meal for baby, toddler and all the family. Buy Now

Recipe Development


We create beautiful recipe ideas for Brookfarm as part of their seasonal product campaigns. We work with passionate food photographer and stylist Nelly le Comte to create delicious and compelling imagery.

Recipe Development

Brands and products need specially designed recipes and images to target their market. Whether aiming at the real foodie or the young and fast consumer, we’ll work with you to create the right recipe and image for your products. Each recipe will be delivered in portrait, landscape and banner style to optimize web and print flexibility.

Food Photography

Kick start your product and let us help you develop seasonal recipes. We shop, cook, style, plate and photograph your product woven into validated nutritional information and recipes for marketing campaigns. You will then receive the images and content ready for web, print and social media.

Chris’ Dips

The Down2Earth health product range is developed in consultation with chef and nutritionist Samantha Gowing to enhance health and wellbeing. With Sam’s food product development and design, this range of nutritional products deliver a delicious, fresh take on current health trends.


We created beautiful recipe ideas and food photography for Nuttelex with Coconut Oil (formally called Sunburst) as part of their product launch campaign. 

Zespri SunGold

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is high in vitamin C health that guarantees the recipes we created are bursting with flavour, antioxidants and all-important immune boosting activity while the low G.I. count ensures balanced energy throughout the day. Gorgeous images too!

Eat Well Magazine

Sam’s luscious ruby red salad became the cover recipe on the launch edition for a new magazine. EatWell focuses on healthy food products, delicious recipes and thriving communities, and is a subsidiary of WellBeing magazine. You’ll find Sam’s recipes in various magazines and blogs worldwide.

Smoothie Bombs

“Starting up a new business and creating a product can make your world spin off its axis. Fortunately for me, Sam’s come along and brought some sanity into my business life. She is there on the other side of the receiver answering my questions with workable solutions. Invaluable input when you need it most from one of the best nutrition and health product developers.”- Nutrition Darling

Trampoline Icecream

“We had a good idea of the basics but needed a commercially orientated foodie to help us really deliver – and Sam did just that” says founder Grant Crothers, Trampoline Gelato Melbourne. Sam developed the concepts for signature flavours including Iced VoVo, Violet Rumble and Open Sesame.

Self Publishing & Book Editorial

“Sam was amazing through my whole self publishing journey. She kept me on track and motivated the whole time with weekly meetings and daily communication and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

Her knowledge about self publishing & health and wellness was extremely helpful and inspirational and I can’t thank you enough Sammy for all of your help and guidance to bring my first book to life.”

Terri-Anne LeskeSingapore

Gowings Food Health Wealth helped Naturopath Christine Sullivan self-publish Feeding Picking Kids. Chris has over 28 years of clinical experience working with families, babies and children’s health, diet and nutrition and am regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in these fields.

“The importance of encouraging children to have a positive relationship with food establishes not just healthy eating patterns, it introduces them to powerful seasonal and sustainable concepts that they will cherish for life. The information in Chris’ wonderfully accessible book is a must have for all parents.” – Sam Gowing

The Healing Feeling by Byron Bay author Samantha Gowing represents her life work and passion for spreading the health and wellness word in a way that’s fun and accessible.

Across 143 beautifully designed colour pages Samantha shares not only her health-giving recipes and remedies but also her engaging personal stories and extensive knowledge of nutrition and Chinese medicine. All done with her trademark great humour and word play. Shop Here

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