Probiotics – Love Your Guts

In today’s episode of Healthtalks we become digestive detectives and talk all things tummy with our friends from the Trupp Cooking School in Prahran, Melbourne, just behind the market – my old backyard!

Ever thought twice about crossing the street or trusting a new neighbour or colleague? Maybe you had the sense that something unusual was about to happen. Perhaps, you have read of people who chose not to get on a plane that eventually crashed, because they had a ‘bad feeling’. Or, have you uttered the words, “I’ve had a gut full!” Well, chances are, your belly was trying to tell you something that your brain upstairs could not put into words.

Our digestive system is an intricate cellular matrix of delicately integrated components, well documented as the ‘second brain’. It is home to over one hundred million neurons, many more than our spiny backbones. It can provide practitioners with an enormous amount of information regarding a person’s overall health, energy and their emotional responses.


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