Lymphatic Tisane

Lymphatic Tisane

A tisane is a herbal infusion usually consisting of leaves and flowers, steeped for a few minutes so as to release the essential oils. I have created this fragrant, subtle blend of lymphagogues, to help clear my lymphatic system after enjoying energising spring liquid cleanse of juices, smoothies and vegetable broths. I have noticed during my mini 3 day cleanse that the lymph nodes around the hairline at the back of my neck and under my ears were inflamed, so each ingredient has been carefully selected for its immune boosting or lymph clearing properties to alleviate my symptoms. The tisane has a slightly bitter yet floral taste, rather like a mild Jasmine tea.

¼ cup cleavers
¼ cup calendula flowers
¼ cup echinacea

  1. Combine herbs and leaves in a mixing bowl then transfer to an airtight container
  2. In a large teapot, place 2 teaspoon of the tisane blend and cover with hot water. Allow to steep for five minutes before drinking
  3. You could always add a squeeze of lime and some freshly grated ginger to your special brew to add some extra zing

is a lymph cleanser that improves lymphocyte (they’re your immune boosting white blood cells) and phagocyte (they’re the cells the engulf and absorb bacteria) activity. This well-known immune booster is rich in polysaccharides, which trigger the immune response by activating macrophages, or white blood cells that can help destroy invading pathogens.

Cleavers Clinical herbalist David Hoffmann says cleavers are the best lymphatic tonic available and can be used for a wide range of lymphatic disorders, including swollen glands and tonsillitis.

Calendula gently supports the immune system, especially during times of transition, so it is a must have during your cleanse and especially afterwards when there is still a lot of debris floating around the lymphatic system and bloodstream. The action of this flower is to raise immunity by stimulating lymphatic drainage by way of filtering and eliminating waste products and bacteria as well as producing infection-fighting cells.

Please avoid using aluminium teapots and saucepans to make this tisane as it is a highly reactive metal and will react with your herbs and may cause toxic reactions.

I am not a herbalist – just a well-read nutritionist – so be sure to get a professional opinion before embarking on any healing journey.
Therefore take this tea in moderation and observe your reactions carefully. Consume 1-2 cups slowly, daily for five days. Discontinue use if symptoms prevail.

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