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Long before clean eating became a hashtag and when a spa was just a small bubbling pool, there was one woman who pioneered the boutique luxury wellbeing market in Canada single-handedly with vision, grace and gratitude. You may recall I flew to Berlin to speak at the Healing Summit in March. During this time I had the great fortune to meet this woman – Grail Springs founder, Madeleine Marentette.

The funny thing is I don’t exactly remember just how we met on the day of the conference, yet we went straight to lunch and celebrated 10 minutes of new friendship with a glass of champagne. My kind of wellness leader! Since then the Universe has been conspiring to bring us together – and I have just returned from a spa chef residency at The Grail.
Watch the Grail World Mantra to get a snippet of the dynamic energy Madeleine brings to the world.

My primary reason for going was to support Madeleine with the release of her second book Recipes for Life – Beautiful Food and Words to Live By. Much to my delight, Grail Springs is taking an even bigger step towards offering food as medicine, and over the coming months the retreat’s dedication to the enhancement of the guest experience and commitment to healing is focused on the healing properties of local ingredients and the food synergy that unfolds.

Recipes for Life front book cover final BLUE 500 full

The Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, located in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada has been dedicated to the holistic care of people, animals and the planet for over two decades. This new book is a reflection of those beliefs and serves as a reminder that food truly is a universal language. . Recipes for Life – Beautiful Food and Words to Live By is available here for delivery within Australia.

GS teepee

Madeleine’s true beauty and aura are blinding. This, coupled with her soul purpose for healing, and her dedicated stance against animal cruelty have inspired me to become a better human being. However it was not just Madeleine who inspired me, it was Ojo, her Australian Shepherd. We met on arrival and had an instant bond in the Thunder Wolf Teepee (above) the next morning he herded me up to the sacred Crystal Crop, barely leaving my jet lagged side. This went on throughout my stay. He is such an extraordinary being and brings so much joy and healing to the hearts of the Grail guests, just as Madeleine and her incredible team of staff. A huge shoutout to the girls at reception, Barb Shaw, Andrew, Barbara – and my friends in the kitchen, Chef Martin and the wonderfully exuberant Peter Hoover. Keep an eye out for recipes from the book as they post on the FHW recipe page.

Madeleine, Sam, Hemi and Ojo 750 x 500



With standing room only, the Recipes for Life book launch was a joyful day enjoyed by all. Heartfelt thanks to all who came out to support, Leah Pinsent for writing the forward, Gordon Pinsent, Peter Keleghan (below), Mayor Bernice Jenkins, Michael Moon, MC Barb Shaw and the entire Grail Team for bringing the magic together. May this book bring beautiful food and wisdom to your life!


Family affair – Madeleine with actors Leah Pinsen, Gordon Pinsent & Peter Keleghan

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