MEDIA RELEASE Who Makes Superfoods Super?

October 2015 – In a world of wellness information overload, fad eating trends and superfood confusion, cue Australia’s leading spa chef and award-winning clinical nutritionist Samantha Gowing.  In an exclusive Melbourne event on Saturday 31 October, Sam Gowing reveals the truth about who makes a super food super! And how to super proof your supper affordably.

A superfood Google search generates almost 10 million results, the majority of which are sourced from media organisations, health and nutrition websites and companies selling health-related supplements. To this end, the term ‘Superfood’ has become a buzzword in the health and nutrition industry, yet there is no clear consensus on the meaning of the word superfood.

Sam Gowing, as part of her Master’s in Gastronomic Tourism degree will showcase her latest research findings in this 3 hour fun-filled also featuring a cooking demonstration with Lorna Jane Active Chef, Jasmine Norton at The Cullen in Melbourne.

“My study explored the superfood phenomena, specifically examining the retail pathways and importer processes used to identify, source and distribute superfoods. We have so many superfoods at our fingertips, grown locally that are affordable and more nutrient rich than some of the current trendy ‘superfoods’.  This is what I will be showcasing.” says Sam.

“We are really excited that Sam has undertaken this research on such a big topic.  The food industry goes through so many trends and we are as passionate as Sam is about showing that all real food is a super food” says Dr Damian Kristof, founder Forage Cereal, International Speaker and 100 Not Out Podcaster.

Following the Superfood event in Melbourne, Sam will be the only Australian nutritionist speaking at the Global Wellness Summit in Mexico on 12-14 November where she will discuss the same topic within her “Importance of Nutrition in Wellness Tourism’ presentation.

‘Superfoods Revealed’ is an event not to be missed for anyone wanting to be part of shaping, commenting or documenting the future of our food industry and how we can do so in an affordable, realistic and healthy way.


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For more information, photos, interview, enquiries and bookings contact:
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About Chef Samantha Gowing

Renowned for being a powerful influencer among healthy lifestyle audiences, Samantha Gowing has paved the way for the new genre of wellness enthusiasts since 2000.  Samantha is a former publican and hat-winning restaurateur who loved life at the helm of legendary Gowings Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood before turning her heart and mind to food as medicine.

Since changing her fast living ways to become a clinical nutritionist, cooking teacher and wellness coach Samantha hasn’t lost her appetite for a good time and wants to show the world you can have your wheat free-dairy free-gluten free-sugar free cake and eat it too. A Melbourne girl at heart, Samantha is now based in Byron Bay where she discovered a passion for surfing.

Samantha is also an author, sought after international speaker, resort and spa cuisine consultant and wellness business mentor.

About Chef Jasmine Norton

Jasmine is Lorna Jane’s Active Chef and who is more teacher than preacher. Sharing her food experiences and knowledge comes from a place of inspiration rather than dogma and she thinks everyone holds the pen to their own perfect diet book. Keeping it real and as close to your back door as possible is her motto because the real super foods are in your garden. Food is not simply fuel, its is a way of nourishing your body with the fundamental ingredients for growth and repair, it’s the connection to what grows in nature outside of us and it’s the pleasure of being nourished.




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