How Melbourne found my mojo

Have you ever lost your mojo?

It’s the strangest thing.

It feels like you’re a needle on a record but you can’t quite get into the groove. This makes for a bumpy ride, especially when you know how smooth it could be. Then something happens that elevates you, lifts you up, and resets you – like listening to a brand new album. On my recent trip to Melbourne my stylus finally found its groove and began transmitting a shiny new frequency.

Can you feel it too?

So my magic charm is back and just in the nick of time I might add. After months of stagnant energy and stop-start projects I finally got a great gig off the ground. It wasn’t just great. It was amazing. It still is. A celebration of real women talking about real stuff. Not fashion, not celebrity. Just the nuts and bolts of what it takes to be women in business. To take risks and to back yourself even when the chips are down and you’re not quite sure when your cash will flow again.

Being an entrepreneur is like that. It’s all about risk, being cheeky enough to stick your neck out and be ok outside the box.


I used to find extreme discomfort in this. No guaranteed income, no weekly wage to slave for. But the price you pay for this is freedom. Freedom to call the shots. Freedom to restructure an event that wasn’t getting traction and it felt stuck. And that’s exactly what I did.

Events are 80% preproduction and 20% delivery on the day. I know a bit about this – I have been catering for 30 years. Literally. My first business was called Portable Edible Festivities. I was 20 and it was all about events and catering. So I often say that I’ll always be a caterer – I grew into being an Executive Chef more recently. Event management comes naturally and it makes sense that I celebrate my 30th year in hospitality with a renewed focus on delivering inspiring events and sharing my knowledge – and the knowledge of my friends and colleagues that span so many industries.


Nat Kringoudis & Me at Lead Me To Success.
A leadership forum for entrepreneurial women. Last week in Melbourne.

When my wellness buddy Nat Kringoudis agreed to step in and help shape Lead Me To Success I was thrilled – and also relieved. You see I knew Natty would help drive the show with her quirky humour and excellent social media strategies. And so she did. Together we created an enviable platform to deliver our vast experience in clinical nutrition and Chinese medicine – and mix it up with our business savvy and marketing prowess. All with our trademark humour and charm!

And so I got to thinking…

What if I asked my young friend Sionach to help me – as she often does in my cooking classes. I knew she would happily meet and greet guests and help me set up the room. But Sionach is so much more than a helper-setter-upperer. In December of last year she side stepped the typical end of VCE piss up and instead took herself to Kenya and teach English to orphaned kids with HIV. More on that project soon.

So I asked Sionach to deliver a Powershot – a little pep talk before Nat and I delivered the keynote presentations. I knew Sionach would inspire, but what I didn’t know is just how much she would touch the hearts of each and every woman in the room. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she relayed her experiences – including her traumatic accounts of village life and horrendous child abuse.


Sionach Waugh oversees the merch before her show stopping speech.

Not a dry eye in the house – what a way to open an event!

Poor Nat, she then went on stage hoping to crack a few jokes about her sky-scraping tangerine heels – but Sionach was a tough act to follow. Note to selfplace the emotional speaker later in the program!!

And so the night flowed and with more laughs than the neighbouring comedy festival and more love than a Byron Bay Bluesfest. When it came to Q&A there were more tears in the audience. I think they were tears of pride and joy for what they had witnessed. When Caitlin spoke with such passion about the new range of organic skincare Divine by Therese Kerr there was even more wonder and open jaw.

Keep your eye on the blog as Therese Kerr and I will be presenting together in Sydney in May. More on that soon. 

We were a smaller group than I’d hoped, but do you know what? The conversation, shared experience, and gratitude that filled that room was as overflowing as the Oprah show. Seriously.

For me, a spell has been broken, a new light shines and a new pathway unfolds for Food Health Wealth as we venture into a more dedicated avenue of leadership events – and not just for women.

Lead Me To Success was happily sponsored by these generous friends.

Brookfarm Logo-1TK-Logo-tealCM_LogoandTagHor copy



Our next Melbourne event is an absolute cracker!!

“How to Self Publish your Passion” | Saturday 14th June 10am – 2pm $97

I’ll be hosting this event in Melbourne and am thrilled to announce my special guests are Andrew Watt, author of the recently self-published  Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the music business in Australia; and my recent co-host Nat Kringoudis, author of 3 self-published books which include Fertilise Yourself, Eat Fat Be Thin and Eat Fat Be Lean.

Most of you will know Nat but you may not know Andrew. I am proud to say that I have known him for about 20 years through my music industry days as licensee of the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood. Back then and for 10 years, Andrew was the founder and editor of the weekly street mag called Inpress.


Here’s a bit about Welcome To The Jungle by Andrew Watt

Melbourne entertainment and media lawyer, journalist and educator Andrew Watt has written an “anecdotal textbook” for and about the Australian music industry. Drawing on interviews with over 90 key players from the Australian and international music industry and combining that with his first hand experience as an artist manager, venue owner, lawyer, publisher and music business lecturer, Andrew Watt has compiled an invaluable guide to the Australian Music Industry that will be an essential reference for music business students, artists and people already working in the industry. Buy Here

He’s seen more rock ‘n’ roll than I’ve had hot dinners.

And that’s saying something!

So if you’re an aspiring writer, rock star, good cook, naturopath, or artist then this is the Forum for YOU!

Saturday 14th June 10am – 2pm $97
Donkey Wheel House
673 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000

Tickets on sale Monday through

This event will sell out – But since you’re savvy blog readers – you get to register now to avoid disappointment
Email sam at foodhealthwealth dot com NOW!



Join us at Donkey Wheel House – This image and the featured street image are from

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