Australia’s popular wellness chef, clinical nutritionist and Le Cordon Bleu Master’s graduate, is taking her ‘food is medicine’ philosophy offshore in a new partnership with Club Med Asia Pacific.

From October this year guests at selected Club Med Asia Pacific villages will enjoy a healthy new menu inspired by Gowing’s wellness gastronomy philosophy.  The new menu will be unveiled at 9 resorts and will include up to 42 specialty plates to complement the expansive buffet each week, with a healthy intention designed to cater for up to 1500 guests.

“I’ve just returned from a 10-day Chef’s seminar at Club Med Bali, training 12 Executive Chefs and systemising a new Wellness Gastronomy philosophy which was embraced wholeheartedly by the Club’s F&B team,” said Gowing.

“I am proud to work with a hospitality brand that is making it a priority to provide healthy eating options to their guests and I’m excited to see how guests enjoy the new menu and learn about food as a real source for wellness.”

For those who can’t get away to a Club Med resort but want to learn more, on 6 August Gowing will launch the inaugural four week Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning program. The first session streams live from the Maldives, utilising the rich tropical produce of the picturesque region.

Titled ‘Gastronomy and Nutrition’, it focuses on unpacking some of the myths around buzzwords like superfoods, clean eating and power food and explores the scientific evidence that corroborates the classification of certain foods being more powerful than others.
“This is a must-do learning program for menu developers and business owners through to gastronome enthusiasts who want to make smart food decisions and identify future trends,” says Gowing.


About Samantha Gowing 
LCBMGastTour; Dip.Hlth.Sci.-Nut.; ATMS
 Before nutrition became trendy, before kale became the superfood superstar, and before the green juice Instagram selfie was ever a ‘thing’, there was Sam Gowing, spreading the word on healthy cuisine and all that it encompasses. The Chef Hat-winning restaurateur, who traded her fast-paced city career to follow her passion for health and wellbeing, retrained as a clinical nutritionist, and more recently received her Master’s degree in gastronomic tourism from the prestigious, Le Cordon Bleu. 
 Combining these skills with her already celebrated cooking talents, Gowing has established herself as Australia’s leading spa chef, kick-starting the ‘food as medicine’ movement, which has since snowballed into a widely embraced philosophy. 
 Today, Gowing continues to create contemporary culinary masterpieces, designed to tantalize the taste buds as well as heal the body and nourish the soul.
 Her Byron Bay based global wellness company Gowings Food Health Wealth est. 1999 creates culinary programs for luxury hotels, spas and health retreats worldwide. FHW offers dynamic wellness business solutions that help food and health entrepreneurs create successful and sustainable businesses. 
She is the self-published author of The Healing Feeling, and writes prolifically on the future of food, food trends and the cult of the green smoothie. 

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