Nutrition Clinic 3 Session package


Consultations are in Banora Point NSW or online.  The clinical focus is primarily on digestive issues and with over 35 years as a hospitality professional, there is so much more on offer, including wellness business mentoring, understanding product claims – and of course in-depth menu planning and recipes galore!

3 session package includes:

  1.  60 minute initial consultation
  2.  45 minute review
  3. 45 minute review

Your initial consultation may include:
-preliminary diagnosis
-diet analysis
-food as medicine guidance
-immunity-boosting remedies & recipes
-digestive disorder solutions
-successful weight loss strategies
-deal and heal from flood-related mould symptoms
-how to use food to boost your mood

Follow up appointments may include *POA
-Initial review check-in and dietary modifications
-personalised ingredient how-to-use sessions
-local shopping tours to discover the hidden gems in the region and to learn what to buy to help you achieve optimal health

Individual appointments are available, please enquire here



Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutritionist

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“Sam Gowing is one gusty angel. She has freed me from years of gut aches, bloating and breath which was at times capable of killing entire GM canola crops. She has given me a new lease of life and I feel fantastic. Her professional manner is personal and there’s no one else in the world like here. I trust and respect Sam implicitly.” Flip Shelton, Flip’s Muesli

“The penny has finally dropped that it’s not about the number on the scales, it’s not about limiting calories or eating birdseed, it is about nourishing the body, mind and soul. This is no quick fix, it is long time living well by conscious eating.  The support from Sam is fantastic and her recipes are beautiful. I have more energy, am happier and have learned to stop eating to fill holes that have nothing to do with nourishing my body.” – Jo Small, Melbourne

Samantha Gowing put food as medicine on the map in Australia by using her unique blend of nutrition, fine dining and business expertise. Sam has worked for over 20 years with people all over the world on improving their health and wellbeing as Australia’s leading spa chef and an award-winning clinical nutritionist.

  • Master Gastronomic Tourism Le Cordon Bleu 2012-2015
  • Author The Healing Feeling 2012
  • Certified by Chinese medicine master, Paul Pitchford Author of Healing with Whole Foods 2010
  • Diploma Health Science, Nutrition Endeavour 1999-2003
  • Member Australian Traditional Medicine Society ATMS since 1999