Well I’ll Be! Recipe & Remedies eBook


In this my third eBook, I wanted to share a few recipes and remedies that helped me along the road to recovery from Covid. Ultimately sleep and absolute rest are paramount, however I found that these recipes selected from this website also contributed to my healing. I hope you will find useful immunity information and enjoy some of my favourite, go-to tonics that you can easily prepare at home. There are some sweet treats too, for when you need an energy boost.

The blurry lines of work-life balance seem to have disintegrated during the pandemic era, so it is essential to set your personal parameters, especially when working from home. Don’t go overboard while you are recovering, just boost your heart rate enough so you can sweat it out and importantly fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Rest and hydration are essential, so drink lots of fluids, juices, soups, teas and water.

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