Pull the Other One

A few days ago the dentist and I went jaw to jaw about my toothache. The good news? There isn’t any. The bad news? My tooth had died. Two words hung over the basin as I swished that coloured (eek) stuff they give you – Root Canal. Now, I was at the holistic dentist near Byron Bay and felt I was in very good hands yet the two options of a) yank the old molar out (‘cos that’ll look mighty flash won’t it?!) or b) root canal did not sit well.

Now Paul Pitchford – my man on the ground when it comes to sore gums and crowns – warned me a few years ago about the long term perils of root canal which we will look at another time, but suffice to say that I am more than wary and at a lazy $3000 a pop, I reckon a trip to a Thai dental spa would be on the cards if I was ever going down that route. Pun intended.

So Healthtalks to the rescue! In this clip Jess shows us how to get that pesky bacteria out of your gob in the good ol’ fashioned Ayurvedic way. I’m so stoked at this concept I’ve got a face full of coconut oil as I type. Better still, by the time you kids read this I’ll be on the sub continental paradise of Sri Lanka – where I reckon I will need some extra anti-bacterial health insurance each morning.

Here’s our mighty Wellness Warrior Jess, pulling faces as she swills, swishes and spits!
You can read more about Jess’ morning ritual of oil pulling here

OIl_Pulling_a Oil_Pulling_b Oil_Pulling_c

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