Quinoa, minted pea and truffle salad

Quinoa, minted pea and truffle salad

This tasty summer salad is a sure-fire winner this Christmas and would even be great as the turkey stuffing, perhaps with a bit of orange zest and juice.

Give it a test run at your next BBQ with some 
Bangalow pork belly, seared kingfish or spicy chicken. I’ve used truffle oil which gives it such a festive glow.

200 gm (1 cup)  quinoa
2 cups water
400 gm podded peas (about 1kg unpodded)
1 preserved lemon, flesh discarded, rind rinsed and thinly sliced
2 cups (loosely packed) rocket, coarsely torn
1 cup (loosely packed) mint, coarsely torn
70 ml truffle oil

  • Place quinoa in a saucepan, cover with cold water, bring to the simmer over medium heat, cook until tender (10-12 minutes), then cover with a tea towel and a lid to absorb excess moisture
  • Blanch peas until tender (1-2 minutes), drain and refresh and place in ice water to preserve colour
  • Combine peas with remaining ingredients and quinoa in a large bowl or serving platter and gently toss to combine, season to taste and serve

  Serves 4 as a side 

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