Rockin’ Women Wednesdays

Once upon a time before I became an organic chef and devotee to all things healthy, I was the licensee of the historic Grace Darling Hotel, on Smith Street in the gritty, inner city Melbourne suburb of Collingwood from 1990-1998. My brother Chris and I owned and operated the famous old bluestone pub.


We proudly created Gowings Grace Darling Hotel – an innovative and multi-award winning dining and entertainment emporium where we helped to launch the careers of bands like The Waifs and Leonardo’s Bride; offered the acoustic stage to friends including beloved buddies Vika and Linda, Nick Barker, Kerri Simpson, Dan Warner, Tracy Kingman, John McAll, Baby Lemonade and supported well established acts such as Relax with Max, Stephen Cummings and Colin Hay.


These were the post 80’s boom, Paul Keating days and the “Recession we had to have”. Business was tough –  the Southgate precinct opened followed later by Crown Casino. Yet we made it through eight great award-winning years of fine dining, awesome gigs, functions, an astro turf lined restaurant on Cup Days – we even had a race horse in the pub on my Father’s 60th. Reminds me of that ol’ joke…a horse walks into a bar. More on that another time!

All this history got me thinking about what could I offer YOU, my Food Health Wealth  audience that would enrich your culinary journey and show my appreciation for your readership. So I’ve gathered up my rock n roll singing mates from around the country and together we are going to dish you up Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – a place where Australia’s talented female singer/songwriters, authentic rock chicks working in the music business, or partners of fellas who do, who love to cook and would love to share a gluten free recipe and some healthy tips with you.
So if you or a culinary or musical gal pal would like to play Rockin’ Women Wednesday too, then drop me a line here.

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