Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – Kerri Simpson

The best thing about putting Rockin’ Women Wednesdays together is that I get to hook up with my mates who I haven’t touched base with in yonks. Meet Kerri Simpson, one of Australia’s original rock chicks with a heart as big as the moon. I love ‘Simpsoni’ – she’s the real deal with a dry wit and a talent that stretches across the musical landscape from blues to gospel to country. Crossing over into world music, Simpson’s Vodou: Songs of the Spirits was Rhythms Magazine’s World Music Album of the Year. It is in the roots music field that Kerri is really at home. Her 2003 award-winning blues and gospel album Sun Gonna Shine stayed in the Australian roots charts for nine weeks.

Kerri_Fortune_CD_smallHer latest CD is titled Fortune Favoured Me and is available on iTunes and hard copy here and you can visit Kerri’s website here for more info and other tunes. As you can tell she’s well qualified for RWW and not only can she belt out a tune, she can cook too! Kerri has spent a great deal of time over the years in Haiti and New Orleans and the Cajun and Creole flavours of the regions influenced much of the food she used to cook when we would hangout in Fitzroy. Back in those days she could muster up one helluva Jambalaya but these days she reckons she doesn’t cook as much so I feel pretty lucky that she’s spent much of her Sunday arvo cooking and styling her pics.


Mr Holmes’s it’s elementary my dear Simpson chicken

Kerri Simpson’s  “Mr Holmes’s it’s elementary my dear Simpson chicken”
A recipe passed on to me by my Ska Vendor band mate John Holmes whilst we doing the very rock ‘n’ roll thing of hanging about waiting to do a gig.

Serves 2

2 x medium sized chicken Maryland pieces, bone out (ask your butcher to do this for you)
6 prosciutto very thin slices – the best as they will form a second skin on the chook
2 fresh rosemary sprigs, finely chopped
Cracked black pepper (no salt required as the prosciutto is quite salty)

  • Pre heat oven 180
  • Just flatten the Maryland, not too thin, try and keep a nice shape. If real big just trim with a knife
  • Lay skin side down season with crushed back pepper and chopped rosemary, I don’t use salt as the prosciutto dose a fine job
  • Overlap prosciutto on cutting board, I use about three slices, basically has to be the same size as your flattened Maryland,  place Maryland skin side down on prosciutto and roll as tight as you can
  • So what you should have is a chicken sausage, but the skin is prosciutto. All that you need to do is wrap tightly in lightly oiled silver foil
  • I lay chook on roasting tray on top of carrot, celery, onions just roughly chopped.
  • Cook for about 20 min and rest for 5min
  • If you have chicken stock, add to roasting tray (remove chook first) will make a nice jus
  • Remove foil, trim the ends of chook so it will stand up on the plate, good time to taste test J cut in half on an angle serve on top of your wilted spinach that’s if you like spinach

*I serve this with baby spinach, honey glazed carrots, small roast potatoes, and pan juices or whatever you like

What’s your healthy survival food on tour?

Bananas! I had to live on plantain in Haiti so developed quite a tasted for them I realised they keep you going for weeks even when you have extremely limited food sources

Whats your healthy go to comfort food ? when you get home

Plain ol’ porridge with lashings of honey.

Do you have a secret remedy that keeps your voice in shape ? 

Scotch and chewing gum (no, not together!) – both keep the vocal chords moist when waiting around backstage.
And I have recently  discovered vocalzone lozenges?

Strangest thing I have every seen on a rider ?

Best I not say really…!


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