Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – Linda Bull

Running with the Bulls

Back in the 80s we used to hang out at a nightclub in Melbourne called Inflation. It was ultra chic and set over three or four levels, each with a different theme. On the ground floor was a smaller cafe style bar with live music where we would gravitate toward. Our mates would play on the end stage and we would ply ourselves with anything free and fashionable, usually running up the charges on someone else’s drink card.

Despite the influences, I clearly remember meeting Linda at the bar for the very first time – she was resplendent in purple and black – and stunning. I was there with my best mate Vika and she introduced me to her little sister.  They say that your best friend’s sister – or brother from another mother – will also become part of your family and today our sisterhood spans almost three decades that includes hosting Linda’s wedding at our pub Gowings Grace Darling – but that’s another story.

Ah the heady 80s!
Nothing takes me back more than watching Hey Hey It’s Saturday at our mates’ joint we called Muir Music. Here’s Vika and Linda on the telly for Hey Hey.

Both Vika and Linda are well-known in the music biz and to a multitude of adoring fans. You can read more here. Today I prefer to celebrate Linda in another rockin’ way – for the inspiring journey she embarked on when her life took an unexpected turn. Linda is not one to surrender to mediocrity and on finding herself raising two beautiful daughters, she set up shop. Literally. She found a retail site with an upstairs dwelling in North Fitzroy where she could pursue her creativity. As Vika would say, she’s the ‘arty farty’ one of the two – whenever I ask Vika what she is then, I never seem to get an answer!


Hoochie Coochie Kids – 220 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy

As well as being creative, Linda is also a canny entrepreneur (love that bit). Identifying a niche in the marketplace for a unique kids clothing and accessories store on the north side of the Yarra, Hoochie Coochie was born. Featuring kids labels including Minti, Toshi, Minihaha & Hiawatha, Marquise and Oishi-m, this rainbow emporium is bursting with vitality and enthusiasm amongst an urban grey-scape. Go check it out at 220 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy 03 9486 4200.

For Bluesfest this year Vika and Linda joined the Rockwiz orchestra again here in Byron Bay which meant we had one helluva dinner party here at Food Health Wealth HQ. Some of the nicest musos I ever met dropped in for a feast – including this top bloke Henry Wagons, here on stage with Linda at Rockwiz Bluesfest.


Vika and Linda have sung for the King of Tonga, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. For 25 years and across multi-platinum CD sales the glorious voices of Vika and Linda Bull have comprised one of the most distinctive, versatile and emotionally charged sounds on the Australasian music landscape with their rich vocals and instinctive harmonies.



For Rockin’ Women Wednesdays Linda shares a traditional Tongan dish that is often the centre piece at many family festivities. The original recipe featured fish, however when cultural imperialism took hold in Tonga, tinned corned beef became the people’s choice as they no longer had to fish – and it was cheap alternative. So we have the traditional recipe below. We strongly suggest you use cooked white fish instead of the tinned stuff! Snapper or bream would be a good choice.


Here is the Lupulu recipe direct from Tonga!

1 bunch of silverbeet
1 large white onion
500 grams cooked white fish e.g. snapper, flaked OR 1 large can of corned beef – if you wanna go local!
3 tomatoes sliced
1/2 can of coconut cream
Salt and pepper
4 layers of silver foil laid out in a fan

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C.
  2. Layer silver foil into a bowl in a fan shape
  3. Lay out washed silverbeet with the spine removed also in a fan shape
  4. Scatter flaked cooked fish
  5. Slice 3 tomatoes and layer on top of fish
  6. Slice 1 onion and later on top of tomato
  7. Add salt and pepper  to taste
  8. Add coconut cream
  9. Roll up tightly in foil
  10. Bake in the oven for one hour

Linda’s tips for a rockin’ good life!

1. What’s your survival food when you’re on tour or working late in your business? 

I usually whip up a healthy vegetarian pasta . Either broccoli with lemon and lots of garlic and parmesan or a fresh tomato with garlic and spelt pasta.

2. What’s your healthy go-to comfort food – either at home or in a restaurant? 

Japanese food full stop!

3. Do you have a secret remedy that keeps either your voice / mind / body in shape?

 Lots of water from the tap and turning off the air conditioner in hotel rooms

4. What’s the most obscure rider or patron’s request you’ve ever heard?

I heard recently of a famous rapper who had women on his rider. Gross!!

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