Rockin’ Women Wednesdays – Tracy Kingman

From little things big things grow – so Paul Kelly tells us – and it sure is true when it comes to my little friend Tracy Kingman (TK) who was a whippersnapper of a thang when we met. I was 16 and she’s a good deal younger. Over our very long friendship we have had more laughs than a Sunday arvo at Luna Park.


TK, James & Burgs

Now TK has been singing with her brother Brett (whom we call Burger and is a fabulous cook but since he’s a bloke we can’t pop him into RWW) and James Reyne for over twelve years. Before this she would grace our little acoustic stage (hand-painted by my beloved friend and artist Sophy Blake – more about her another time) at The Grace Darling in various ensembles including her band Kingswood (don’t ya love it?!) with Tim Henwood. There were also random appearances by me pretending to play the famous old upright white piano like a muppet. Go figure!

Tracy Kingman’s Pumpkin, feta and pine nut penne

Serves 2-4 pending on the hunger scale!

500g gluten free penne pasta
1/2 pumpkin Jap or Kent, peeled and cut into 2cm cubes
200g baby spinach leaves
250g feta cheese
100g pine nuts
50g Parmesan cheese, grated
Cracked black pepper

  • Fill a large saucepan with water, bring to the boil and add gluten free pasta.
  • Cook as directed on the packet – usually about 6-8 minutes
  • Chop the feta into rough cubes – about 2cm
  • Heat and stir the pine nuts in a small saucepan until slightly browned
  • Once the pasta is cooked, very lightly rinse to remove excess starch, strain and transfer to a large serving bowl – do not let the pasta go cold
  • Stir through baby spinach leaves in first (they will wilt from the heat)
  • Then add the feta, pumpkin and pine nuts and lightly stir it all together
  • Spread a little Parmesan cheese on top and cracked pepper if you desire
  • Enjoy!

1. What’s your survival food when you’re on tour?

Fruit, natural yoghurt, herbal tea, multi vitamins

2. What’s your healthy go-to comfort food – either at home or in a restaurant – when you come home?

Carrot Cake (it’s got to be a good healthy one though)

3. Do you have a secret remedy that keeps your voice in shape? 

Gotta agree with Vika on this one. Sleep.

4. Do you have a hilarious tour story you would be willing to share?

Before I was singing with James I had a duo for many years with my great late mate Josie Jason.

We had a weekly residency at an inner city Melbourne hotel and every week there was a woman who would show up and do this really strange, over the top ‘Hippy’ dance while we were playing.

After a couple of weeks, it started getting a bit annoying as she would take over the dance floor, spinning herself around into a frenzy while flipping her skirt up.

The problem was, she never wore any underwear.

Jos and I would find it increasingly difficult to hold it together without falling in to fits of laughter whilst performing.

After about a month we’d had enough as it was also making other patrons feel uncomfortable.

We decided to complain to the hotel manager to see he if he might have a word to her.

He asked us to point her out and when he laid eyes on her he replied in a very stern voice, “THAT’S MY WIFE” and we never played there again.

Then there was the time……


TK, me & VB backstage at A Thing for Kate
In loving memory of Kate Bentley

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